Democrat Leaders and Liberal Media Are Losing Their Minds Over President Trumps HIPAA Rights

That’s insulting to doctors treating President Trump to assume the information given to the public isn’t “real” or “scientific”. Yes, we have the right to know how he’s doing and what treatments he’s being given. But remember to flip that coin. He has privacy rights just as any United States citizens does. It can also be a matter of national security. Doctors release information as they see fit.

President Trump is going to have the best care possible

Because he is the current leader of the United States. This would be true of any Democrat leader as well.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to paint the President’s doctors as less than professional. On Face The Nation she said, “We need to have trust that what they’re telling us about the President’s condition is real. We have to have confidence in the judgment of the doctors who are treating him, that not only do they give a presentation notice- when they give a presentation to the press, it has to be approved by the president. That’s not very scientific.”

President Trump is going to receive numerous tests

Depending on symptoms. Conditions can change and the press will be given appropriate information at the proper time. Liberal media conveniently forget the President’s HIPAA rights and assume the doctors aren’t going to give them the truth.

Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley said that the President’s oxygen level had dropped twice. He didn’t immediately admit to the press that he’d ordered oxygen. The President is being monitored. The team isn’t going to drop everything to talk to the press each time there’s a change.

President Trump is probably eager to get back to work

The mind is half the battle so doctors are going to like upbeat attitudes and encourage them.   So the world may have become a little worried when he was given a steroid that’s used for treating somebody that’s very ill.

The doctor admitted to presenting a cheery picture of the President that wasn’t meant to deceive. It “came off like we’re trying to hide something, which wasn’t necessarily true.”  It was more a case of trying to reflect good attitudes.  “I was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude of the team, that the president, that his course of illness has had, ” Dr. Conley stressed.

  1. Dont OFFEND or iNSULT the best medical staff in the country you a!!!.! But you aure are silent about Biden’s comment that “Voters dont deserve to know about packing the courts”
    Of course his silence means YES he WILL pack it. 0 you haave to read obama care to know whats in it” and “We are a basket of deplorables!!!” Thats why Trump will win in a landslide despite your hate and lies.!

  2. Turkey neck Nancy should of thought about the need to know befor she started to lie about the Russians and trump befor trying to impeach him . But she didnt care about facts just the fact of impeach in him to get him out of the way of their corrupt ways . She should ask the same questions about old joe . He’s the one that needs help . But then that’s their hole point … old joe can’t rule and they know it . So their hoping by some chance he can win and then rule in his name . That will start civil war 2 in our country . The same war they say they wil, start if trump wins again . So load up for the next civil war , It’s coming . Thank the delusional democrats for that

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