WTH: Media Begins to Spin Negative Stories About Gabby Petito’s Skin Color

Having worked hard to turn the tragic Gabby Petito case into a frenzied media circus, that same media is now attempting to spin her death into an opportunity to blame yet another issue on white people. Petito, “the experts” say, is a textbook example of something called “missing white woman syndrome.”  The claim is that the country is only interested in the disappearances of white women while thousands of other missing persons cases go unnoticed and underreported.

Media makes Petito case racial

Needless to say, the media has once again completely missed the point. The media has certainly been working to milk this case for all it’s worth, but this has nothing to do with the race of the victim.

Unfortunate as it is, people are always fascinated by dramatic crime stories and the disappearance of Gabby Petito has attracted national attention because it is a dramatic and interesting case.

The cross-country road trip from which only one of the couple returned was an immediate source of interest, particularly given the role of social media in the story.

The flight of Brian Laundrie added another layer of intrigue to a story which had already become an enormously lucrative source of views and clicks for the mainstream media.

The public responds to a story with interest and the media provides more related material; this is how the news works, regardless of what self-righteous liberal journalists might fool themselves into believing.

The conversion of the story of Petito into a tale of racial grievances is simply another unscrupulous attempt by leftist media to profit off of the death of a human being.


Missing the point

The issue, they say, is that there are thousands of missing persons cases which the public does not express similar interest in and that many of these cases concern nonwhite individuals.

The mainstream media is very concerned about this problem. If only they had some means of influencing the sorts of information to which the general public is exposed.

Aside from this, the complaint completely ignores the factors that made the Petito case so singularly fascinating to millions of people with no real connection to the case.

The claim is that the public is uninterested in nonwhite people who go missing primarily because their race leads them to be ignored. The sad truth is that most of these disappearances take place in areas with high rates of crime.

Gabby Petito was an aspiring social media influencer who vanished in bizarre circumstances in Wyoming. The case is interesting to people because it is so unusual.

If the mainstream media wants to give equal attention to other missing people then it is free to do so. That won’t happen, but they will be happy to devote more cynical attention to the death of an innocent young woman who has become little more than a prop to them.

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