Its ALL TREASON and High Time

The highest ranking officer in the United States military is facing serious accusations of treason after acknowledging that he arranged a subversive call to the Chinese government during the closing days of the Trump administration. In a astonishing display of stupidity and insubordination, Mark Milley spoke to top Chinese generals to assure them that the United States would effectively be temporarily incapable of launching any military operations.

Milley faces treason accusations

It is nearly impossible to overstate how moronic and treasonous Milley is; his actions could theoretically have resulted in a catastrophic defeat for the United States and its Asian allies.

An honorable soldier would have already resigned after presiding the Afghanistan disgrace. Mark Milley is not only lacking in any sense of honor, he can hardly even be called a soldier.

The political climber was so eager to prove his loyalty to the incoming Biden administration that he offered the Chinese a free opportunity to start a war in the Pacific.

Milley privately promised the Chinese government that he would intervene to stop any launch of nuclear weapons. There was no remote possibility of a nuclear strike and Milley knew this perfectly well.

The general was clearly expecting to be praised for these calls and he proudly described them for an upcoming book.

At a time in which tensions in the Pacific are high and American allies are nervous, Mark Milley explicitly told China that the American nuclear umbrella was temporarily nonexistent.


Collaborating with communist China

If the Chinese had any intention of launching a nuclear strike at the time they would have been able to do so without any fear of retaliation from the United States.

Forget resignation, a court-martial and capital punishment for treason are the rewards which Milley would deserve  for his pandering stunt in a serious country.

The general has previously testified before Congress that he is working to promote anti-white and Marxist propaganda within the United States military.

Perhaps, beyond simple stupidity, Milley has a real attachment to the communist regime of China and an ideological sympathy for its goals in the Pacific.

The whole world can see that there is incompetence and treason infesting the highest levels of the United States military. The Taliban has already shown what an opponent can do with that information.

Because of his loyalty to the Biden White House Milley will likely continue to cling to his position, perpetuating an extremely dangerous situation for American forces under his catastrophic leadership.

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