Milley Attempts to Spin a Web of Woke Sissified BS Excuses for TREASON

General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is attempting to defend his questionable calls to China amid mounting accusations of treason. An upcoming book reveals that the general called the Chinese government twice on his own initiative during the final months of the Trump presidency, apparently making promises to his Chinese counterparts about his unwillingness to fight if he received orders from Trump.

A treasonous moron in uniform

Of all of the unfortunate people appointed to high office under President Trump, Mark Milley has repeatedly shown himself to be one of the worst.

The highest ranking officer in the United States military has no noteworthy military record and no readily apparent talents or qualifications.

Under his leadership the United States has experienced arguably the most humiliating military defeat in its history with the catastrophic evacuation from Afghanistan.

Otherwise, Milley has overtly praised Marxist literature and defended his interest in teaching anti-white racial propaganda to new recruits.

He may lack any military talents, but he is clearly a master of pandering and sucking up to his superiors, a skill which has served him very well in his rise to the top.

If this was not enough to make anyone see that this individual should not be considered a legitimate officer, we now know that some of his actions may have been blatantly treasonous.


Milley could have inspired a Chinese attack

In the final days of the Trump presidency Milley covertly worked to ensure that the military would not carry out orders from President Trump and would instead obey him.

Worse still, Milley called China on his own initiative to assure the Chinese military that the United States would not be willing to engage in a conflict.

At a time in which tensions with China are high and regional allies are deeply concerned about Chinese aggression, this call could have inspired China to launch an attack on the United States or its allies, having been explicitly told by the top officer that America would be incapable of fighting.

This personal initiative also bypassed the civilian control over the military which is recognized in the Constitution; Mark Milley’s job was to execute orders from his superiors, not invent his own foreign policy.

The general claimed that he was acting to prevent a potential nuclear war; in reality, he explicitly informed a hostile nation that the United States would be temporarily without a nuclear deterrent.

Milley is clearly dangerously incompetent and, if this is all true, treasonous as well. He deserves to be immediately court-martialed and locked up for what he has done.

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