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New Study Shows Mask mandate POINTLESS

One Biden aide is calling for more lockdowns and a national mask mandate to stop the spread of COVID-19. But do masks even work? Many are skeptical. Let’s look at the science.

Mask mandate coming

Dr Fauci recently said that “Americans have an independent spirit, but now is the time that they should do what they’re told.” Americans are getting sick of him and his fear mongering about a virus that most carriers don’t even know they have.

At a recent Trump rally, many in the audience chanted “Fire Fauci!” The President laughed and replied, “Let’s wait until after the election.” Hopefully he’ll get that opportunity.

A Biden aide recently called for a national mask mandate. Many states already have one in place, yet the COVID-19 numbers continue to surge. If masks work, then why are all these states still having an issue?

Florida Governor Ron Desantis has opened up his state, allowing bars and restaurants to operate at full capacity. He’s also refusing to issue a statewide mandate. Recently, Florida Mayors met on a Skype meeting to rebuke Governor Desantis for his so called reckless actions. “The direction we’re going in is unfortunately killing people,” one Mayor told the group. In a press conference, Governor Desantis assured Floridians, “We will never do any of these lockdowns again.”

COVID-19 is forever

Earlier this year, some experts decided that masks could play a significant role in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Many were skeptical, claiming the virus is so small it can easily pass through standard surgical masks.

Some packages even have warning labels which specifically state they will not protect against the COVID-19 virus. Now the verdict is in.

DanMask-19” is a Danish study that tested the effectiveness of surgical masks in preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The study had 3,030 participants, half of which wore masks outside of their home and the other half who did not.

After one month the participants were tested for the virus. 42 people in the mask group tested positive for COVID-19 compared to 53 people in the other group. The data suggests that wearing a mask does not significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

There have been similar studies using other illnesses such as influenza. Those studies came to the same conclusion, which found that masks make little or no difference to whether subjects got influenza or not.

The only trials which have shown masks to be effective at stopping airborne diseases have been observational studies, which observe the people who ordinarily use masks, rather than attempting to create a randomized control group.

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