Clinton Emails About to Go Public! Here is What We Know So Far

The infamous Clinton emails are about to go public. While conservatives understandably groan every time they hear that some big deal they’ve been chasing like a mirage for years is about to materialize again, there’s a good reason to report the rumors. The totally controlled network news won’t tell you anything at all but right-wing patriots keep doggedly pursuing justice. This could turn into another disappointment but the questions won’t go away. The groans are turning into grumbles and this year’s election results could be the spark that lights the powder keg of pent up rage. Here’s what we know so far about the latest developments.

Clinton emails really do exist

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropped in to the Fox studios on Friday to tell America that “that the State Department was working as fast as it could to release Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.” A highly irate President Donald Trump gave him a good thrashing over dragging his feet about releasing them. Pompeo swears up and down his department is “going to get this information out so the American people can see it.” He added, “we’re doing it as fast as we can. I certainly think there will be more to see before the election.” Conservatives are getting their pitchforks and torches ready, just in case.

According to reports, President Trump hauled both Pompeo and Attorney General William Barr over the coals in front of Fox cameras on Thursday, “over the fact that Clinton had not faced consequences for both her use of a private email server.” “They are in the State Department but Mike Pompeo has been unable to get them out, which is very sad. Actually I’m not happy with him for that reason.” Besides the emails, Trump was fuming over the latest Obamagate revelations.

As soon as Hillary Clinton was ordered by investigators to turn over “more than 30,000 emails from her private server,” she grabbed her Kleenex soaked in bleach-bit and deleted them, “claiming they were personal matters.” Along with the alleged “personal” intimate photos of Huma Abedine and her “pizza” preference when visiting Jeffrey Epstein’s perverted paradise, were a whole bunch of incriminating ones, which the FBI helped her to hide. The Russians probably had a copy. The Chinese definitely have a copy, the secret server was reportedly programmed covertly to send them a blind cc of every message. By now, everyone on the planet has a copy except the congressional investigators who need them the most. The public has to wait for the magic to materialize after everyone else gets a chance to attack it with a magic marker.

Pompeo’s waiting for more markers

Despite the public browbeating he took from the president, Pompeo refuses to show a serious sense of urgency. His latest stall is waiting for a fresh supply of black markers. The release of the emails, he insists, has to be done “in a way that didn’t threaten national security.”

Pompeo looked straight at the lens and assured the American public, “I’ve been at this with President Trump for four years now, almost. I’ve never seen him do anything that would put any kind of asset, any kind of one of our officers in any harm’s way. He wouldn’t do that.” He has no explanation for why the rest of Hillary’s emails that don’t give up state secrets are still tightly locked in a safe, protected by armed guards, when the Chinese, Russians, and North Korean intelligence agencies have been passing them around like trading cards.

Pompeo insists that someday the elusive emails will see the light of day. “We’ll get the information out that needs to get out and we’ll do it in a way that protects the intelligence sources that we need to protect.” A lot of folks are wondering if it’s really the Deep State that Pompeo is trying to protect. Hillary Clinton’s State Department was tangled up tight in the Clinton Foundation’s tentacles with several alleged pay for play schemes which involved special preference by the State Department in exchange for hefty donations. Then there was the whole Uranium One thing with the investigation which will never end, because ending it means writing a report about it.

  1. For those who can’t read between the lines, both Pompeo and Gina Haspel were complicit in the Russia hoax. Pompeo sat on the Oct. 2017 briefing given him by NSA whistleblower Bill Binney proving that there was no Russia hack, which would have ended Russiagate then and there, and Haspel was CIA station chief in London when the Steele dossier, as well the Papadopoulos, Flynn and Carter Page frame-ups were set in motion. Yes the Russians knew, they tried to warn that crooked Hillary was pushing a scam, claiming “foreign interference,” to divert attention from the content of her emails, but that was hidden from the president and the voters. At this point. we must demand that a summary of the Durham-Barr Investigation be released now, before Nov. 3. The American people have a right to know the truth before Nov. 3. Call DOJ, (202 353.1555) and Senate Judiciary Cttee (202 224.5225).

  2. All one hears is about what their doing but never see’s the proof of their so called hard work . Their just giving time to destroy any real proof . Hillary always said … laws are for poor people , and it shows

  3. Maybe. About to. Could be. near future. And on and on. It’s time to pull the pin on the grenade and throw it into the clintons. It’s time to blow this conspiracy out of the water. It’s time they start reporting to prison for all of this treason and corruption. NOW. Not maybe or later, NOW!

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