Michael Flynn Files a Restraining Order on Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi and the Democrats continue to harass people who believe differently. General Michael Flynn took it a step further and filed a restraining order on Nancy Pelosi. It’s not a crime to have a different opinion, talk with others about that opinion and ask that the government do something about those opinions. A restraining order can just be a formality, a legal step. But it’s a step in the right direction.

He wants the harassment to stop

The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack issued a subpoena on Flynn. The General turned around and filed a preliminary injunction on Pelosi in addition to the restraining order.

The complaint went after the whole select committee. The motion was against Pelosi alone. Flynn was only briefly in the Trump administrative for a few weeks.

Flynn was the focus

He was served with a subpoena in November that required papers and a deposition. He needed to deliver records by November 23, 2021 and answer 20 broad and vague questions that spanned 18 months.

He had a different opinion whether the 2020 election was legitimate. He was a private citizen. The submission stipulates, “It is not a criminal to have such opinions, whether true or incorrect, to discuss them with others, to socialize with individuals who share such beliefs, or to petition the government to address such political problems.”

Flynn dug in his heels

When he tried to get specifics, the committee did the equivalent of screaming at him unintelligibly. They “obstinately refused to give any clarification or cooperation to settle these difficulties.” Flynn and others face a contempt of Congress charge.

His complaint questioned whether his subpoena was even legal. “As a result, General Flynn is trapped between two options, both of which risk criminal prosecution by the Department of Justice, either as part of an ongoing criminal investigation or as part of a new prosecution for contempt of Congress.”

Flynn wasn’t involved in January 6

He just wants to be left out of it and have Pelosi leave him alone. He asked the committee for declarative and injunctive relief to keep the subpoena from being enforced.

The subpoena wants documents concerning the 2020 election. It also asks from where he got his ideas and the people he talked to.

Two Amendments violated

Flynn has the right to freedom of expression and his Fifth Amendment rights. “The records and testimony seek to undermine General Flynn’s protection against compelled self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment.” It would be so easy for that committee and Pelosi to twist anything he says.

The committee’s own authorizing resolution says the subpoena was in error. It was issued “not for a lawful legislative purpose, but rather for the partisan harassment of a person because he has political beliefs the Select Committee dislikes.”

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