Governor Abbott is Giving President Biden His Gift

America is a wealthy, generous nation. We believe in giving credit where credit is due. President Biden will be opening our southern border wide next month. It makes sense then that Governor Abbott would send the people Biden says he wants, right to his door step. Since many thousands of migrants are expected to cross the border per day, Abbott has sent the first busload to Washington DC with more to come.

Abbott isn’t afraid to call it as he sees it

And he’ll do it with a sense of humor. The federal government planned on dropping illegal immigrants into Texas. Governor Abbott promised he’d bring them to Washington DC, providing free transportation.

The first bus has arrived. It’s not just a publicity stunt, he’ll put his money where his mouth is. It contained a couple dozen migrants with all the comforts of home.

Abbott pushed for the Capitol

He got as close as he could get. The intent is clear though. With the governor expecting at least 18,000 immigrants per day, the process needed to start immediately.

There are 900 buses ready to roll. Governor Abbott didn’t force them to go, he asked them. He gave them the option to stay in Texas or visit Washington DC.

Great idea for border states

Ron DeSantis liked the sound of that so he has $12 million in the budget to do that with illegals coming into Florida. All border states can play this game.

Non governmental organizations or NGO’s such as Catholic charities and private business are funding this. The immigrants are getting a fresh set of clothes, toiletries and a phone. They’re also likely getting instructions on where to go in the city for their needs.

Abbott and DeSantis can hear the invasion coming

Buses are coming from Honduras too. They all need to go to Biden’s door. A lot of them may already have relatives here so they may not add to the existing homeless population.

DeSantis has considered Delaware and Martha’s Vineyard. He wants Biden and the Democrats to see the invasion they asked for. The border is overwhelmed as it is. The daily onslaught is expected to overrun those who work there. There will be no incentive to go through the system.

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