Breaking News: SWAT and Crisis Negotiators on Scene

Breaking news is coming out of Burien, Washington, Monday morning. Very few details are known but SWAT crisis negotiators have surrounded a home and set off some flash bangs. For hours they have been asking the suspect to surrender and now they say they have a warrant.

SWAT surrounds home near Seattle

A neighborhood in the suburbs of uber-liberal Seattle, Washington is in lockdown after one person was shot and killed early Monday morning in the 12100 block of 7th Place Southwest in Burien. Rather than moving in and taking out the suspect barricaded in a nearby home, the police have been begging for hours that anyone inside simply come out. SWAT is on the scene.

The latest word is that the SWAT commander has gone from requesting the suspect to come out to advising that they have a warrant. A crisis negotiation team hustled to the scene but there is no word yet as to how the negotiations are going.

According to the King County sheriff’s department, deputies took the call at 1:49 a.m. and as dawn broke over the nervous suburb, it was still a swarming scene with King County SWAT and the Crisis Negotiations Team all well represented.

A body was discovered apparently the victim of a shooting in the 12100 block of 7th Place Southwest. As related by department spokesperson Tim Meyer, “deputies arrived to find one person had been shot to death.” They aren’t sure if there was only one shooter or more than one.

The smell of flash bangs in the morning

Neighbors were startled by flash bang devices going off in the wee hours and police say the goal is “to make things uncomfortable.” As if having your home surrounded by SWAT wouldn’t make them feel a little uneasy to start with.

The home that was surrounded by SWAT is nearly a quarter mile from where the body was discovered but authorities are convinced that the surrounded home was the scene of the original shooting. Police say there is no immediate danger to the public. One individual was spotted being taken from the vicinity in handcuffs but there are no details as to why he was detained but it does not appear that he was removed from the home that police have surrounded.

Check back for more information on this story as it develops.

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