She is NOT Afraid to Make Headlines

Don’t mess with the mama bear. They instinctively protect their offspring. Neither Musk nor his mom are going to back down when the media tries to spin a story in a different direction. Elon is from Africa and there are things you cannot do there without risking your life or imprisonment. This is when Elon was young. Children are unable to do anything about apartheid, that’s a government decision.

Mom is not afraid to make headlines

The New York Times can be trusted to paint a picture in a particular way, regardless the facts.

“Elon Musk grew up in elite white communities in South Africa, detached from apartheid’s atrocities and surrounded by anti-Black propaganda. Since the Tesla, Space X, and Starlink CEO decided to purchase Twitter, there have been reports everywhere about how he was raised in South Africa during apartheid, as if he was the one who invented it. He sees his Twitter takeover as a victory for free expression, but he never experienced the impacts of disinformation in his adolescence. After criticizing Twitter for eliminating content and banning users, Mr. Musk has hailed his purchase of the network as a win for free expression. It’s unclear what influence his childhood played in that choice, given that he grew up in a time and location when there was no free interchange of ideas and where government propaganda was used to malign Black South Africans. He was regarded as a loner with no close acquaintances by classmates at two high schools that he attended. None of them remembered things he said or did that betrayed his political views at the time. However, Black classmates remember his spending time with Black pals.”

The New York Times interviewed Elon’s father, Errol Musk. He said all three of his kids were aware of apartheid and how ugly it was. Errol was elected to the Pretoria City Council in 1972.

Mom became furious

When the Times suggested Elon had “white priviledge”, mom became furious. Maye Musk fired back at the Times, “If you publicly opposed apartheid in South Africa, you were sentenced to prison. If you publicly oppose the war in Russia, you will be imprisoned. @nytimes Are you going to blame children for government decisions? “#StopTheWar.”

Maye Musk speaks her mind. Her kids do the same. She and Elon recently attended a Met Gala. An Entertainment Tonight reporter spoke with them.

Mom said he doesn’t listen

She stopped Elon jokingly, telling the reporter, “He doesn’t listen.” But the reporter continued, “Sir, I’d say you’re the man who’s being much talked about around town, across the world, and maybe on Twitter, I don’t know, social media’s really going crazy over you right now.” Elon responded, “I suppose that’s — sure, that’s probably accurate.”

The reporter followed up with, “Well, a lot of people — there are some critics out there who would say, why not?” Elon joked back, “Critics? What?” The ET interviewer asked why, instead of buying Twitter, he couldn’t just donate to a charity. Elon already does that. “Well, I do a lot of stuff philanthropically.”

Elon made mom proud

“In reality, my businesses are designed to benefit humanity’s future, with Tesla attempting to expedite the adoption of sustainable transportation and energy.” Musk said. The reporter acknowledged the billionaire is working in the Ukraine. “As well as what you’ve done for Ukraine.” Elon responded, “Yeah. Absolutely. As a result, we were able to assist Ukraine with the Starling terminals, providing connection in some of the hardest-hit areas. So, aspirationally, I’m trying to do good for humanity and civilization’s future.”

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