Bogus Stim Bill Funds Liberal ‘Wish List’, GOP Members Hold Hands With Dems

Congress just proved once again that they’re only in it for themselves. It seems that both chambers of the legislative branch conspired together to see how much pork they could stuff into a single bill and still get away with it. While seditious RINO’s held hands with liberal Democrats to sing Kumbaya, they sold Americans out. They actually think that American taxpayers will fund transgender types in Pakistan without raising a fuss.

American taxpayers get stuck with the bill

Congressional criminals thought they could get away with robbing the U.S. Treasury by giving each and every member of the American public a cut of the take, in the form of 600 pieces of silver.

Our so called government just proved why when something gets introduced to the legislature they call it a “bill.” Americans just got shafted and might have to pick up the tab for it too.

President Donald Trump isn’t going to let Congressional criminals steal money from the taxpayers then send them a bill, after Democrats already have been busted for stealing an election or two.

He’s expected to veto it when it comes across his desk. After that, it goes back to congress where it will either be pronounced dead and eventually buried, or a corrupt Congress will rally together against reason, sanity, and the American way of life itself. One thing that we will know very shortly is who in the House and Senate are with America, the Constitution, and Rule of Law… and which are against those principles.

The text of the “pass before reading” bill, which tops a whopping 2,000 pages, is like a dangling fishing line with a sharp hook at the bottom.

Covering the hook is a shiny, fast moving check for $600.00, which congressional criminals believe the taxpayer will take, like bass on a lure. Americans won’t sell their country out like that. As soon as the text hit the streets, Americans started pointing out the pork like Muslims finding bacon in the Halal section.

Give Soros a gift for the holidays

Tucked into the funding for coronavirus vaccine distribution and “Paycheck Protection” loans are wasteful and preposterous spending fantasies. The bill tackles everything from climate change to horse racing.

Congress wants to send $900 billion of your money to foreign countries just for the fun of it. They like to make George Soros smile, and after all it is the holidays.

The Open Societies Foundation will be thrilled to learn that $10 million will be handed out for “gender programs” in Pakistan. Americans have a hard time figuring out what that has to do with Covid relief here at home.

As TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk observed, “The people who are supposed to represent you actually hate you. If you’re an American citizen who has been laid off for 10 months you get $600 but if you’re a gender studies program in Pakistan you get $10,000,000.” Then they send you the bill because it’s not government money, it’s taxpayer money.

The bill calls for the creation of “a US-India Gandhi-King Development Foundation with an annual budget of $30,000,000.” Venezuela is such a model country for Democrat socialism that they will be getting a check for $33 million.

They won’t have anything to spend it on because they pancaked into financial oblivion long ago, throwing money in the street because it was useless even for toilet paper and eating the zoo animals.

Politics is NOT a spectator sport, do your patriotic duty and get involved! Contact your Senators here to fight this unjust bill, it’s fun and easy! Save the American Constitution!

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