Perverted Democrat Gets Heavy Prison Sentence

Serious pervert Ed Buck was once one of Hillary Clinton’s favorite donors. He won’t be invited to any Democrat dinners for the next 30 years, now that he was sentenced to prison. He was charged with sex and drug crimes related to the deaths of two men. Many say that he got off way too easy.

Perverted Democrat off to prison

Before he was hauled off to the slammer, the once dapper Democrat whined like a baby and begged the judge for mercy. Buck pleaded for the court to “take a look at my life in total,” instead of “the horrible caricature the government painted me as.

He doesn’t see a freaked-out, drug-crazed, pervert killer in the mirror but that doesn’t mean he isn’t one, the prosecutor countered back. As argued by Assistant U.S. Attorney Chelsea Norell, “Buck does not value human life beyond his own.

After he was out of the courtroom and no longer a distraction, his lawyers agreed with the prosecutors to buy a little breathing room on the rest of the deadlines.

They jointly asked the judge for an extension on the upcoming hearing to “determine how much Buck must pay in restitution.” His attorneys need the time to sort through all the bank records and finances of the disgraced Democrat megadonor.

The crimes Buck was convicted of weren’t just the usual Democrat shenanigans, he “used human beings as playthings, destroying their lives merely to appease his own sexual gratifications.” That’s why civilized Americans are screaming about the lenient sentence.

Prosecutors noted “Buck should be imprisoned for life to punish him and protect the public.” If he manages to get out early, for some bizarre reason, “he would feed his compulsion to inject others until the day he died.

Party and play

For the next three decades, Buck should have no problem finding young Black men to play with but the party’s over. For a grueling two weeks, jurors were forced to see really disturbing things.

Once a massive donor to Hillary Clinton and all the other Democrat causes, a whole string of male witnesses took the stand to describe the sick and twisted games he liked to play.

One after another told tales of being lured to near death on gay hookup site Adam4Adam. They had no idea how hardcore Buck’s “party and play” sessions could be. The pervert who bought Democrat political seats like potato chips had no problem scoring massive amounts of methamphetamine and all the gear to mainline it.

Carlos, for instance, testified that he visited “Buck’s apartment, where Buck would inject him with meth and GHB, a party drug, about 20 times over a six-month period.

The disgraced Democrat has been laying low since the jury convicted him in 2021. He was found guilty of “several felonies” like distributing meth resulting in death and enticement to cross state lines to engage in prostitution.

He was hoping his powerful connections would get him either off the hook or killed. Instead, they decided to let the other prisoners play with him for a while.

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