Federal Grand Jury Wipes The Floor With Major Democratic Donor, 4 More Felony Charges

Ed Buck’s indictment was updated Tuesday, adding four new felonies to the charges because the lily-white friend of Hillary and Bill Clinton lured Black male victims, including at least one who died, across state lines specifically to “engage in prostitution.” A Los Angeles federal grand jury figuratively “wiped the floor” with the perverted Democrat mega-donor in disgust.

No murder charges

Ed Buck isn’t charged with murder, even though what he did amounts to luring unsuspecting victims to their death. That’s part of the privilege that comes with dump trucks full of cash delivered to the Democrat party, year after year. There are now a total of nine other serious felony charges against him though.

The kinky 65-year-old was arrested last year after Black men kept overdosing in his living room. He was federally charged “with providing methamphetamine to a man who died after receiving the drug intravenously.” Ever since, the FBI has been sorting through all the disgusting things they dragged out of his apartment, and decided to add the new charges.

The four new felony counts are related to the death of 26-year-old Gemmel Moore. According to the documents, Buck knew exactly what he was doing when he “enticed” Moore “to travel to the Los Angeles area to engage in prostitution.” When he got there, Buck shot him full of meth until he died, July 27, 2017. The new charges also include a “count of enticing another man to travel with the intent of engaging in prostitution.” That one managed to live through his encounter with the Democrat serial killer.

A date-rape cousin of ecstasy

None of Ed Buck’s neighbors ever turned him in for unusual activities in and around his apartment but the new charges reflect the fact it was basically a crack-house. Buck stands accused of “knowingly and intentionally distributing meth,” along with “using his residence for the purpose of distributing narcotics such as meth, and the sedatives gamma hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and clonazepam.” GHB is a date-rape cousin of ecstasy and clonazepam is in the Valium family.

Buck is expected to face trial on the charges starting January 19, but he’ll appear in front of the judge in the next few weeks to enter a plea on the new allegations. The first five-count indictment lays out how Buck progressively “engaged in a pattern of soliciting men to consume drugs that Buck provided and perform sexual acts at Buck’s apartment.” The feds called it “party and play.”

When Buck got tired of looking at photos of Bill wearing Hillary Clinton’s dress to get him aroused, he went on a gay dating website. He had plenty of cash to hire “a recruiter to scout and proposition men.” Once a victim was lured to his lair, “Buck allegedly prepared syringes containing meth, sometimes personally injecting the victims with or without their consent.” According to the charges, Buck was twisted so badly he actually “allegedly injected victims with more narcotics than they expected and sometimes injected victims while they were unconscious.” Timothy Dean also died in Bucks apartment, January 7, 2019.

Each narcotics charge that ended in death is good for “a mandatory minimum of 20 years in federal prison and possible maximum of life without parole.” On top of that, “the four new charges carry a total possible maximum of 60 years behind bars.” Buck should be in ecstasy already, considering he’s going to be karmically surrounded for the rest of his life by young Black men.

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