Curfew Imposed… Due to Covid

A curfew can happen for any reason but we’ve had worldwide lockdowns for months over COVID that are completely unnecessary.

People have been sold on needing to be vaccinated because Trump said hydroxychloroquine worked.

Can the Haitian government be trusted to actually get people vaccinated? Governments throughout the world don’t operate the same way we do. There’s political instability and violence there.

COVID relief was promised over a month ago

COVAX is a United Nations program that provides several countries vaccinations to those that might have a tough time getting them. Fighting kills in more than one way. A key component in war is to cut off supplies and communications.

Dr. Ciro Ugarte is the director of health emergencies for the Pan American Health Organization, a branch of the WHO. “We are all working hard with the government of Haiti, the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders so that Haiti can receive vaccines as soon as possible,” he said.

COVID doses were scheduled

For May but Haiti missed a deadline and an Indian manufacturer has re allocated resources to deal with demand in their nation. They need to take care of themselves first.

As a result, outdoor activities are banned from 10 pm to 5 am. President Jovenel Moise issued the proclamation while he was in Ecuador to help with inaugurating that region’s new president.

COVID protocol

The standard is in place. Public masking, distancing, temperature checks and hand washing are all mandatory. Distancing is set at nearly five feet.

Those who serve the public have been told to cut staff by 50% and to encourage people to work from home.

According to Haitian government statistics, they’ve had 13,906 cases since March 2020 with 288 deaths related to the virus. Apparently though there was a recent surge so the area is under a state of emergency.

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