Missouri Man Faces 20 Years Prison For Felonious Stupidity

Michael Conley Loyd faces 20 years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine after pleading guilty, November 18, to basically what amounts to criminal stupidity. There’s a good chance the judge will show leniency because he seems to be an honest and cooperative bank robber. Also, a particularly bad one.

Prison to prove a point

Michael Conley Loyd is facing prison now, and could end up seeing at least a year or so of it, because last summer the 30-year-old decided robbing the Springfield, Missouri Bank of America branch was a good way to “prove a point” to his lover. That wasn’t his only little error that day. He broke heavy-duty federal felony laws by handing the teller a demand note.

He committed criminal stupidity by writing it on the back of his own birth certificate. He also happened to be “wearing an ankle monitor related to an earlier offense.” He realizes now that wasn’t a great idea.

Charges carrying a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison tend to get anyone’s attention. At least the ones sane enough to stand trial. Loyd may not be a genius but he’s not totally insane, either. “Too, bad,” his public defender tells him.

He decided to cooperate fully, admit everything, and throw himself on the mercy of the court. That’s an excellent strategy, considering his present circumstances. New York Post points out that it remains “unclear what point he was trying to make” to his lover.

In an attempt to get a seriously reduced or suspended prison sentence, Loyd entered his plea of guilty on Friday to “one count of bank robbery.” It happened in federal court so the Justice Department issued a press release on it. They spell out all the dirty details of his deed.

Of course, Merrick Garland wants to throw the book at him, send him to prison, and go back to persecuting conservative MAGA Republicans and parents who question schools transgendering their kids for them.

‘Give Your Money Now’

Back in July, Loyd walked into his local BofA and handed the teller “a note written on the back of his birth certificate.” It read: “Give Your Money Now. Don’t Say Anything. I Have A Partner Outside.

The quick thinking teller made sure to hold the birth certificate so the camera could get a good view, memorize the name and hand him the $754 in her drawer. The teller hardly noticed his ankle monitor. That will go against him at sentencing and could lead to at least a brief stay in prison.

The reason that nobody is talking about the “point” Loyd was trying to prove is because, whether he knew it or not, he really does prove an interesting one. His crime happened in Missouri and that was his stupid mistake, but not his worst one.

He may have picked a bank for a reason but it was his worst idea in the long run. He’s looking at a big, scary federal prison. Even a month would not be fun. If he happened to live in California, instead of Missouri, things would be a whole lot different.

If Loyd had walked into any California retailer and walked right back out the door with $925 worth of merchandise which he fenced for $754, he would be free as a bird and prosecutors would not even be allowed to press charges. This wasn’t retail theft, it was federal bank robbery. He could go to prison. The point he may have been trying to prove is that crime has been decriminalized. As soon as he robbed the bank he realized he was in seriously deep fertilizer.

After taking the cash and his note from the teller, Loyd left the bank and drove away in a black Dodge Ram pickup truck that belonged to his (female) roommate. As he drove away from the bank Loyd saw police cars responding to the robbery, causing him to become so scared he threw the money out of the truck along with his birth certificate and ID. He allegedly then texted his roommate to say that her truck was stolen and that she should listen to the police scanner.” Her boyfriend ratted him out to police and “they were able to locate him at the Lazy Acres Mobile Home Park where he lived.


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