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LOOK at What Just Happened in Broad Daylight

While the astronomically high rates of shootings and murders in Chicago grab most of the headlines, brazen theft in broad daylight is also apparently a feature of life in the Windy City now. A gang of shoplifters was filmed looting an Ulta Beauty store in suburban Chicago, reportedly getting away with thousands of dollars worth of stolen items and apparently not overly concerned  about being caught by police.

Shoplifting gangs operate in broad daylight

Chicago is notorious for the staggering amount of gunfire which can be heard on any given weekend in the uglier parts of the city.

The organized gangs of shoplifters which have been efficiently looting stores since the 2020 riots have apparently been targeting any store they please.

The fact that there is theft on a large scale in Chicago is hardly surprising but the fact that it is happening in broad daylight and in full view of the general public says something about just how bad the situation has become.

San Francisco has experienced similar problems stemming from a refusal to prosecute shoplifters so long as they do not exceed a certain value in stolen goods.

The Chicago shoplifting gangs are unconcerned about limits; they have reportedly grabbed tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise in their brazen raids.

The Ulta raid was filmed by shocked customers who watched as the gang emptied shelves and piled expensive products into black trash bags.

Chicago violent and crime infested as ever

The shoplifters are apparently selling the stolen items online. Authorities have not arrested anyone in connection to the thefts.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been forced to change her mind about defunding the police in response to steadily increasing violence in the city.

Now the mayor is promising to increase police spending, reversing past cuts which have angered Chicago police officers.

It still seems unlikely that Mayor Lightfoot will be capable of cracking down on crime in Chicago without drastically changing her attitude towards the issue in other ways.

The mayor is one of the many Democrats who embraced the BLM cause during the riots and looting sprees of 2020.

Robbing an Ulta in broad daylight is hardly less brazen than the mass looting which was universally pardoned last year.

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