Liberals Asking ‘What Kind of Sore-Losing IDIOT Would Suspect the Democrats of Voter Fraud?’…Conservatives Respond

We’re only one generation from losing freedom. It is the nature of government to grow. You could call Dov Fischer an idiot but he’d put you in your place. He’s not stupid. He has critical thinking skills – and knowledge of what Democrats have done over the years. It’s a sobering reminder that you should probably have at least a little survival skill and equipment at your fingertips.

Democrat fraud has been going on for a long time

Power is intoxicating and unless you believe in something bigger than yourself you’ll go to any means to gain it. Trump is the thorn in their side for exposing that. The 1876 election was only conceded when Congress’ back was against a wall on March 2. That can happen again.

Given everything Trump has done for the betterment of the country, especially in only 4 years, it seems odd people would choose the opposing candidate. We have majorities in several state delegations, we’ve flipped a number of House seats and we kept the Senate.

No Democrat fraud here

Even though the proof is damning. How easy is it to counterfeit money? The same principle can be applied to ballots. Did anybody vote twice? Mail in ballots were heavily pushed due to the COVID scare. At least one state may have had more voters than residents. You can’t legislate honesty. You can only hope people will count honestly. Were ballots lost, misplaced or outright thrown out? The Post Office does its best but mistakes are made.

Over the years a number of elections may have been stolen by Democrats. But curiously, “karma” prevails. John Kennedy won over Nixon in 1960. Given homage to JFK, he was the last Democrat to stand up to communism. And for that he died. Lyndon Johnson was driven out by his own party and was the start of Texas’ march toward the Republican side. Nixon wound up winning anyway.

In 2008 Al Franken “won” Minnesota by 312 votes only to get thrown out by his own party as well for not doing enough for them.

Alaska may be the most rugged state in the union. Ted Stevens’ Senate seat in Alaska in 2008 was lost due to a whole prosecutorial team being corrupt. He had corruption charges brought against him a week prior to election on an incident involving bad faith. Once that fraud was uncovered, one left government, the other committed suicide. The Democrat that won lost his reelection bid.

Democrats count on Republicans being “nice”

Republicans and Democrats have different goals. Republicans are going to be far more open to discussion and deal making. Power usually isn’t our goal. It comes as no surprise then that Republicans aren’t afraid to be robbed at the bank, giving our wallet and maybe our pants too so if we lose we aren’t considered sore.

President Trump is a New York businessman unafraid of what can be a deadly political machine. He doesn’t think on the same level and he does it for free. He donates his compensation to charity. You aren’t supposed to DO that in politics and it makes others look bad. He regularly tells minorities, “I have your back” and proves it so now they flock to him.

Republicans feared bold conservatism of this nature would alienate voters. The opposite is true. We aren’t afraid of the truth, give it to us straight and we’ll deal with it! Once people see what you’re willing to do, you can hold onto power. Winston Churchill saved Britain in World War II. For his efforts he was thrown out but he was reelected in 1951 once they realized their mistake. Isreal did the same with Netanyahu. He was let go but then reelected and he has held onto power for a decade.

So Trump understandably hit with both barrels blazing when he accused the electoral process of being corrupt. It’s not just incompetence, it’s corruption when all the mistakes are in the same direction. Polls are geared towards voter suppression and shaping opinion, not on gauging opinion.

Democrats fudging history is done on purpose

If voters knew why things are done the way they are, they wouldn’t dream of voting Democrat. The kids coming out of high school and college have no idea.

Opening up those borders gives us illegal aliens. Felons have been added to the voter rolls. It used to be that designation took away your right to vote. Finally, there’s conversation about dropping the voting age down to 17.

The Founding Fathers knew populations are easily corrupted

That’s why the electoral college was created as an intermediary. Yes, this system wasn’t perfect either but it’s a far sight better than the chaos we have now.

The concept of Libertarians is a great idea. Unfortunately in the two party system we have they siphon off votes from Republicans so we end up with Democrats that can’t tax us too much.

Mr. Fischer suggests we should call on our best conservative political science majors to start counting every ballot by hand. Remember Florida’s “hanging chads”? If Wisconsin has more votes than registered voters, we still have time.

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