Jill Biden FURIOUS White House Officials Didn’t Intervene

Jill Biden was upset nobody stopped Joe at his last solo press conference, letting him talk for two hours. The first lady sees the same thing Republican lawmakers see and she knows it’s wrong. She was furious with White House officials that didn’t intervene when he was cued to stop. The first lady is one of the President’s favorite surrogates but the surrogate shouldn’t be in charge. He needs a cognitive test.

Jill Biden is protective

But there’s only so much she can do. The Georgia Republican Austin Scott quipped, “Apparently the First Lady knows a train wreck when she sees one. I think everyone in the White House is concerned that the President will accidentally reveal the Biden-Harris administration’s true agenda.”

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee commented, “The American people are watching the situation with the President very closely. So are other world leaders. It is apparent he is not in control of the White House, his staff and the issues of the day.”

Biden needs a babysitter

The country needs a leader, not somebody who needs to be nursed. House Republican Conference chairwoman of New York Elise Stefanik noted that the “president of the United States should not need a babysitter when he talks to the media.” But “Apparently Joe Biden does.”

Republican Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey put it more boldly,

“The American people put Joe Biden in office and deserve to hear directly from the president himself. Our country does not operate under surrogates in chief. If Joe Biden is not able to perform his duties as president and talk to the American people on a regular basis, then he should not be running the greatest country in the world. The American people deserve answers. Not from his staff, not from his press team but from the president of the United States.”

Biden cover up

The Texas Republican Ronny Jackson is also a doctor and sees things that shouldn’t be in positions of power. He sees White House staff “running a coverup operation to protect their own self-interest.”

Jackson continued to blast those who put and keep Joe Biden in power, it’s wrong.

“Bravo to the staffer who exposed Joe Biden by confirming that he isn’t the one calling the shots in the White House. Nine months ago, the first lady unloaded on the White House staff for allowing her husband to humiliate himself at a solo press conference. We all know Joe Biden isn’t capable of making his own decisions and needs constant supervision. This administration has practically turned the White House into an assisted-living facility. The fact that Jill Biden and the senior White House staff are running a cover-up operation to protect their own self-interest is dangerous for this country. As a physician to three U.S. presidents, I know firsthand what it takes, both mentally and physically, to perform the most demanding job in the world. America and its allies cannot continue to have a cognitively impaired puppet as our commander in chief and the leader of the free world. Joe Biden is too far gone.”

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