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Small Business Owner Forced to Pay BLM Thousands of Dollars

A small business owner in New York is being forced to pay thousands of dollars to BLM protesters in a state sponsored looting after he protected his ice cream shop from a potential looting in 2020. David Elmendorf will now be forced to pay $500 each to nine BLM protesters under a new law which is intended to prevent white people from calling the police if they feel threatened by black people, supposedly a civil rights necessity.

New Yorkers condemned for calling police

In late June, 2020 David Elmendorf had every reason to feel that his own safety and the safety of his small business was threatened by the mob of protesters which descended on it.

Elmendorf brandished an air rifle and called the police as protesters closed in on his ice cream shop, understandably fearing that it could be burned to the ground if the local BLM supporters became angry enough.

Given events around the country there was nothing unreasonable about this reaction in itself; tensions were very high at the time and small businesses in particular were suffering from rioting.

The law under which he has now been ordered to pay was established after a woman in Central Park called the police because she felt threatened by a man.

For a state which has just discovered that its beloved governor was a serial sexual harasser, this law is likely to intimidate women into silence when they face real threats.

In the hierarchy of leftist causes accusations of racism are far more seriously concerning than threats to the safety of women which would otherwise receive consideration.

Small business owner punished

Elmendorf stood no chance in court after he was repeatedly accused of shouting racist remarks at the assembled protesters while he waited for police.

These were all allegations which the protesters themselves reported; the mere suggestion that a small business owner said something racist was enough to make him guilty in New York.

Elmendorf has predictably now lost his shop in addition to being forced to pay the people from whom he was attempting to defend it.

Harassment of whites who are accused of racism on even the most flimsy of assertions has become a state sponsored pastime for BLM and their allies.

The woman in Central Park lost her job and her dog over the incident. These campaigns of legalized harassment are intended to ensure that no one who is targeted is ever able to live a normal life again.

BLM rioters may do the worst of the looting and burning themselves but they can increasingly rely on governments to kick victims while they are down.

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