BLM Tried to Kill Him, He Defended Himself and Now the Family is Making a Stand

The family of a veteran who shot a BLM rioter in self defense last year is seeking justice with a lawsuit aimed at the people they hold responsible for his own death. Jake Gardner of Omaha, Nebraska committed suicide after a grand jury indicted him for the killing of James Scurlock, who fought with him during an attempt to loot his bar amid the nationwide BLM riots which occurred last year and led to widespread attacks on businesses and their owners.

Veteran attacked by BLM looters

After fighting in Iraq Jake Gardner was honorably discharged from the Marines in 2004 and worked several jobs before opening a successful bar in Omaha.

The pandemic forced Gardner to temporarily shut down his business and he was making plans to reopen when the deadly BLM riots began.

Intending to keep watch over his business, Gardner arrived at the bar with a legally owned handgun and accompanied by his father, intending to call the police if the looters attacked.

As the situation escalated and the police were nowhere to be found Gardner was forced to use his firearm to defend himself and his father from a physically violent crowd of rioters.

After firing a warning shot in an attempt to scare them off Gardner was attacked by James Scurlock, a career criminal who attempted to choke him, leading him to fear for his life.

Scurlock had already participated in the unrestrained looting of the bar and had apparently returned to attack Gardner himself. After several warning Gardner shot Scurlock and killed him.


Family fights for justice

The assailant was dead but for Gardner and his family the ordeal had just begun. In the immediate aftermath of the incident the Omaha District Attorney announced that Gardner had been in the right and would not be charged.

After weeks of protests from BLM the District Attorney caved to their demands and appointed a far left special prosecutor to force Gardner through a grand jury.

After being targeted by a media campaign and a number of baseless accusations from Frederick Franklin, the special prosecutor, Gardner was indicted.

Depressed and despairing of ever receiving justice Gardner took his own life just before the day which had been appointed for him to turn himself in.

The former marine was buried in Arlington National Cemetery  in July. His family is now hoping that they can still secure the justice he deserved.

Their lawsuit alleges that Gardner was denied due process and was unfairly destroyed by the justice system to appease the demands of BLM and Frederick Franklin.

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