Community Steps Up and Shows That America Is NOT Racist

How can a racist country elect a black man to the highest office in the land for both terms? If Barack Obama was elected twice, we’ve shown the world that all races are welcome here. The only thing stopping you is you. Time after time Americans of all colors will step up to help somebody if the need is there. We’re a very wealthy, helpful country. We’re patient to a fault. But when we get fed up with something, people know and back off.

The term racist is overused

Since everything is racist, it doesn’t matter anymore. The term is thrown around as a weapon and to get eyeballs and ratings.

Americans step up regularly to help those in trouble, regardless of skin color. Such is the case of Jones Bar-B-Q Diner in Marianna, AR.

You’re not racist if you help your neighbor

That happens to be a minority. The diner is historic and is one of the oldest black-owned restaurants in America. It nearly went up in smoke late February. People wanted it to return.

James Jones, the owner, saw the blessing in what looked at first like disaster. “What we had said all along after it burned was that it was a blessing in disguise because everything we got we’re coming back with is new. To tell you the truth, they was steady calling me when I wasn’t open, wanting to know when was I going to open.”

A racist country wouldn’t be this excited

To see a minority owned business reopen. People were excited to the point of waiting in a line almost an hour before reopening. The only reason he had to close again was he ran out of food!

People across the world helped, sending thousands of dollars. One lady simply wrote him a check for $65,000 and put it in his hand.

Racist people wouldn’t set foot in a minority owned establishment

They’d stay away. Brett Hartman works in Marianna. He put the effort into getting out of the field in enough time to be there.

“I’m ready, I’m really excited and looking forward to it,” Hartman explained. “I was looking forward to it today, but I got hung up in the field and didn’t get in town quite quick enough to take advantage of it. I bet I’ll be here tomorrow on time.”

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