Truth Social Releases Video Refuting Alleged ‘Fake News’

Truth Social, President Donald Trump’s social network, posted from the platform’s main account that a reporter who wrote that Trump had stepped down from the corporate board never entered the business office, revealing security video footage that apparently reveal he left and reached the door.

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune published an article asserting that President Donald Trump removed himself from the board of Trump Media and Technology Group, which owns Truth Social, on June 8, prior to the business getting a subpoena from the SEC and one from a grand jury in the Southern District of New York relating to the company’s potential merger with Digital World Acquisitions Corp.

“Trump, the chairman of Trump Media and Technology Group, was one of six board members removed on June 8, state business records show,” wrote reporter Chris Anderson.

Truth Social denied the story, noting that  Trump remained the chairman of the board and was, therefore, still among its members.

“Contrary to an ‘exclusive’ fake news story filed by a reporter who is incapable of understanding state business records, Donald Trump remains on the board of Trump Media and Technology Group. In fact, the reporter acknowledges that Trump’s title is ‘chairman,’ but apparently has no clue what a chairman presides over. Hopefully this helps clarify things,” the post read.

Anderson then wrote that the Herald-Tribune had visited the office on June 27, stating “Trump’s company name was not on the registry in the main lobby, nor was there any reference to the name at the office suite itself. There was no receptionist either, just a note to ring the doorbell for assistance.”

Truth Social, on Friday, posted security video from their office which alleges to reveal the Herald-Tribune’s reporter, probably Anderson, visiting the business’ office.

The 33-second video reveals a male going into the camera’s visual field, looking into the windows of the office door briefly, then go back to the elevator without making any noticeable effort to speak with anybody inside. News Hour First has not been able to independently verify the identity of the man in the video and Truth Social did not publish the date with the video.

The company, nevertheless, called for the publication to issue an apology for printing a “conspiracy theory” and withdraw the story.

“The conspiracy theory claiming Donald Trump secretly resigned from the board of TMTG began with this ‘exhaustive’ probe of our office by one of the Sarasota Herald Tribune’s crack reporters, whose investigative skills apparently do not include ringing a doorbell,” the company wrote, apparently referencing the sign to ring the doorbell which Anderson acknowledged in his article.

“The Herald Tribune, The Hill, CNBC, Reuters, Business Insider, Forbes, and the rest of the fake news outlets should retract and apologize for their false statements — though it won’t absolve them of liability for securities fraud,” the post concluded.

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