Civilians ATTACKED By Muslim Migrants

ICYMI: Spain chose to allow in thousands of refugees from Middle Eastern countries like Libya and Syria in reaction to the Arab Spring, and they were not the country that have made the decision to open their borders up to refugees.

Unfortunately, rather than show appreciation and gratefulness to the country of Spain for saving them from their war-torn countries by opening up their borders, these Muslim migrants instead caused chaos.

And what took place during Holy Week was only one of the multiple recorded incidences of violence in connection with Muslim refugees.

Multiple reports stated that a group of Muslim migrants attacked Christians by tossing rocks and various projectiles at them during an Easter procession in Granada, Spain.

Sadly, there have been other previous instances of violence, as a group of migrants attempted to attack the Easter procession in El Vendrell (Tarragona) during Palm Sunday as well.

Thankfully in this instance, police were already on site and able to break up the attack in a timely fashion.

More details of this horrific incident involving Muslim migrants from report:

“A group of unaccompanied minor refugees from the Bermúdez de Castro hostel in Granada disrupted the Catholic procession in the early hours of Holy Thursday morning (…) Fortunately, the quick intervention of the police prevented serious incidents.

Total outrage in Granada. The procession had been on the road for about an hour and a half, and as it went down the Cuesta del Chapiz, a large number of objects began to rain down on those present. All of these projectiles came from the migrant shelter mentioned above, as several sources confirmed.

The president of Vox Granada, Onofre Miralles, condemned the events through his networks: “Yesterday I had the honour of accompanying the procession. I was informed that objects were thrown at the procession from the reception centre for underage migrants. They are directed against our culture and our tradition. I demand action on the part of the Region of Andalusia”.

This is the umpteenth attack on a Catholic procession during Holy Week. It is not the first incident and unfortunately, it will not be the last. Last Sunday, a group of North Africans had tried to attack the Easter procession in El Vendrell (Tarragona).”

As a result of Spain’s borders opening up to Middle Eastern refugees, citizens are now constantly under threat. However, despite the multiple instances of violence and continued instability these migrants pose to the Spaniard and Christian population, Spain’s left-wing government has still refused to close their borders, vet illegals, or deport potential terrorists.

Given the continued pushback by the government, it sadly comes as no surprise that these Muslim migrants attacked Christians during their Holy Week.

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