Police Arrest Almost 2 Dozen ANTIFA Members

Nearly two dozen Antifa-inspired members of radical Black terrorist groups were chased out of CHAZ 2.0 by police in Seattle, Washington. The anarchists demanded the authorities leave their “yellow house” dubbed “autonomous zone 2.0” alone. They promptly got arrested instead.

Police finally enforce the law

Miraculously, police in Seattle, Washington, actually performed their civic duties for a change. When local radical activists decided to dress in black and commandeer a clubhouse to be headquarters for another “autonomous zone” it didn’t take long for them to be evicted.

After they decided that something needed to be done about the homeless problem in Cal Anderson Park, they illegally occupied a nearby vacant home.

Inspired by the “red house” occupation which took place in Portland, Oregon, a unit of black clad terrorists of the Antifa persuasion picked an “abandoned yellow house on 11th Avenue and East Denny Way.”

On December 14, they quietly moved in, proclaiming that housing is a “human right.” When Seattle police heard about it on the 18th, along with the news reporters, they decided they had better take a look.

KOMO News reporter Jonathan Choe tweeted that the anarchists were “making themselves right at home.” Radicals “dressed in all black are now walking back and forth from Cal Anderson Park into this house on Denny Way. It is turning into another staging area.”

He adds that “a developer now owns the house and it’s been sitting empty for months.” The police are well aware that “Cal Anderson Park has been overwrought with itinerants establishing de facto encampments,” Law Enforcement Today reports.

Free permanent housing for all

Neighbors have been dealing with the homeless in the park for as long as they can remember. They’re fed up with the “discarded needles, the stench of human waste, and violence from the homeless.” That violence “even resulted in murder over the summer.”

Now, squatters decided to simply take over a home and lay out demands, allegedly to give the homeless a place to stay. They are furious that police would actually dare to “perform sweeps of the homeless encampments,” taking homeless folks away to “attain housing solutions.”

The local Black Supremacists vowed to occupy the home until the city agreed to end all the police sweeps. “Ultimately, we demand permanent housing for all. Housing is a human right. You cannot sweep away the human beings that our capitalist society have deemed undesirable.”

If they didn’t get changes, they promised to make it hurt. “These systemic injustices must be met with top-down reform, or they’ll be met with bottom-up dismantlement. The government is meant to be by and for the people, not just the people with money. Poverty is not a crime.”

When the cops finally got a clue about what was going on at the yellow house, they decided to drop by for a little visit Friday morning. “Officers encircled the home and Cal Anderson Park, at roughly 7:15 a.m., advising those engaged in said occupation to disperse.”

The orders were ignored as usual. “There were reports of skirmishes between police and radical activists but no serious injuries from the confrontations.” A total of 21 people were arrested and accused with various crimes “including failure to disperse, trespass and resisting arrest.”

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