Lawmakers Attack Dress Code as ‘White Oppression’


Leftist lawmakers are arguing that having to dress up for work makes them victims of white oppression. Left wing senators and representatives in multiple states are fighting to abolish the “problematic” dress codes to which they are subjected every day. Apparently, these racist and sexist dress codes are actively harming the work these lawmakers do by judging them on their appearance and expecting them to conform to “white” standards.

Ties and jackets are “oppression”

While millions of Americans are struggling to find jobs, left wing politicians want the world to know that they are the real victims, being forced to dress up for work while they invent policies which will ensure that normal Americans are unable to find work.

Being forced to look presentable on the floor is true oppression according to these lawmakers, prominent among them Jonathon Acosta, a Democratic member of the Rhode Island state senate.

Acosta does not see the purpose of having a dress code, arguing while wearing sneakers that judging the quality of his work based on his refusal to wear a jacket and dress shirt is “super problematic.”

Acosta isn’t the only politician taking a stand against the oppression of traditional dress codes. Neckties appear to be a particularly oppressive article of clothing, sparking a recent controversy in the Montana state legislature.

In New Zealand, a Maori member of parliament won a February battle to remove a tie wearing requirement, describing the harmless article as a “colonial noose” intended to destroy his identity.

Aside from sheer laziness, left wing lawmakers evidently feel that by challenging these dress codes they are striking out at the heritage of their legislative bodies.

Intentional disrespect

Rhode Island Democrat Louis DiPalma rejected the arguments of his colleagues, stating that “A dress code and decorum are about respecting an institution that is 200-plus years old.”

For other members of his party, however, this is precisely the point of attempting to tear down the oppression of their dress codes.

Like an endless number of other offensive traditions, the dress codes for these Democrats represent respect for an old fashioned standard which is too supposedly too white and too masculine to be worthy of their respect.

By actively choosing to dress poorly, leftist politicians like Acosta think that they are doing their part in the ongoing campaign to purge everything that was made by and for white men from public life in America.

For Acosta in particular, a victory against his dress code will be a symbolic victory for left wing lawmakers like himself who hope to change nearly everything about an institution that is too conservative and antiquated to be anything other than inherently racist and sexist.

Time will tell if this brave stand against white oppression and conventional standards is to succeed for Acosta and his colleagues. For now at least, leftist politicians will continue to battle for the right to show up to work dressed like slobs, a truly vital cause.


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