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Mike Pompeo Broke Silence… Dropped BOMBSHELL

Mike Pompeo is not very happy about the way Joe Biden is communicating the situation with Russia.

Donald Trump’s Secretary of State had a few choice words about Biden’s comments.

In a word, Pompeo called it “reckless.”

What Did He Say

Joe Biden brought the word Armageddon into the conversation.

When you are talking about nuclear weapons, that is a word that should be used very carefully.

Pompeo stated, “When you hear the president talking about Armageddon at a random — as a random thought just musing at a fundraiser that is a terrible risk to the American people if he truly believes that he ought to be out talking to us in a serious way.”

He continued, “My guess is that the Ukrainians had something to do with it, but we’ll have to wait and see how that unfolds.

“We do know for sure that this is humiliating for Vladimir Putin.

“He built this bridge, I remember the pictures of him driving across it — It was one of their great achievements.

“I think it was 2018 when that bridge was built, so it’s nearly brand new and to watch it in flames, to watch the rest of the supply lines out of Crimea into southern Ukraine at risk is certainly something that is a game changer on the ground in Ukraine.

“As Trey reported this morning, Ukrainians are doing phenomenal work of liberating town after town after town and the Russian military is failing desperately.”

You can see his full interview in the video below…

Source: Fox News

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