Check Out This New BADASS Toy the U.S. Marines Just Started Testing

U.S. Marines decided to keep things simple but deadly. The United States just became the envy of other major governments by developing one badass piece of equipment to keep the battlefield under American domination.

Marines get new toys

While the super-scientists, with contracts so classified they don’t even exist, slave day and night to build terminator style battle-bots, the Marines “are taking a simpler yet still brutal approach: sticking a grenade onto a tiny drone and steering it to blow up their enemies.”

They call the system “Drone 40.” they can either be hand launched or deployed from a standard 40mm grenade launcher. Today’s new and improved Marines get a bag full of disposable quadcopters.

The Pentagon says it’s “a way to lob explosives to targets that would typically be out of reach.” They can even “leave the grenades hovering in the air like a sort of aerial landmine.”

Other branches of the service may scoff at the crude approach “compared to other bleeding-edge military tech,” but “Drone 40 field tests highlight the ways that robotic and semi-autonomous tech is already permeating the face of combat.”

Marines have been testing the equipment out with practice sessions to become familiar with launching the small quadrotor drones. The little demons can “stay in the air for an hour, travel at speeds up to 45 miles per hour, and travel up to 12 miles away before detonating.” How convenient.

More dangerous than normal

The simple but powerful idea is “to make the grenade far more effective and dangerous than normal, especially for infantry who would otherwise be limited by their throwing arms.”

The devices can handle a whole range of functions which Marines can exploit in various ways.

Virtually every soldier can carry several of these into combat and configure them for either surveillance or attack capability. Another thing the Marines like about them is if they aren’t destroyed in a particular mission, they can be used again and again.

The same drone used to survey the immediate area can be armed and left to hover above in case needed for defense.

Another great feature of the Drone 40 is that they can be networked together and launched in swarms. After dozens are armed and deployed, they can target an enemy unit gathered around say a missile launcher.

While part of the swarm takes out the launcher itself, individual drones can be piloted by Marines from miles away to chase down the enemy soldiers, even as they run away from the exploding rocket launcher.

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