Truck Does Burnout on BLM’s Face

A good Samaritan in Elizabeth City, North Carolina has been arrested after he used his truck to correct a BLM mural painted onto a street.  The man was arrested after city authorities released photos which showed a black Dodge Ram doing burnouts on the BLM street paint and leaving it covered in skid marks. The mural was placed on the street with taxpayer dollars to commemorate a drug dealer who attempted to murder several people.

BLM street art corrected by good Samaritan

The mural in question is simply the words “BLACK LIVES MATTER” written obnoxiously in yellow paint in the middle of Colonial Avenue in Elizabeth City.

The gentleman in the truck became the latest of the many Americans who have served their communities by destroying identical street murals in a number of cities.

A particularly annoying example in front of Trump Tower in Manhattan has been repeatedly targeted by individuals covering letters with paint.

The good people of Cleveland covered their local BLM mural last year with remarks including “BLM is Marxist” and “stop killing each other.”

Surveillance footage unfortunately allowed police in Elizabeth City to track down a Jeremy Maggard, the man accused of being behind the wheel of the truck.

This admirable citizen is facing fines and vandalism accusations after volunteering to clean the street and contribute to the removal of the real vandalism purely out of the goodness of his heart.


Citizens deal with government sponsored vandalism

The mural was placed to celebrate the life and legacy of Elizabeth City local Andrew Brown Jr. who died in April after attempting to ram several police officers with his vehicle in an attempt to evade an arrest for distributing crack cocaine and heroin.

As monuments and memorials dedicated to violent criminals spring up across America they have been vandalized with a heartwarming regularity by ordinary citizens.

A monstrously large bust of George Floyd in Brooklyn was covered with black paint on “Juneteenth” by several individuals who have evidently been able to evade an intense search by police.

Some say God himself intervened to destroy a mural of Saint Floyd in Toledo, Ohio which was recently blasted apart by a bolt of lightning.

Elizabeth City has pledged to restore the mural and to keep doing so if it is corrected again in the future, which seems to be a distinct possibility.

Should another selfless individual like Mr. Maggard decide to complete his fine work he may face similar charges, but he will also know that such a good deed can be its own reward.

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