Breaking News: Police Standoff Underway

A police standoff is underway in a northeast suburb of Atlanta Wednesday morning. DeKalb County police were forced to shut down a busy intersection for “several hours.”

Standoff at an Atlanta synagogue

Police and other officers from around the vicinity are on the scene of what’s being described as a standoff, but not a hostage situation.

Details are sparse about this developing incident but according to DeKalb County Police, “the incident involves a person inside a synagogue near the area of Lavista Road and Carolyn Drive.”

At this time, the only solid information that has been released about the standoff is that “the intersection is currently shut down as police attempt to take that individual into custody.” Local commuters are advised to “avoid the area, if possible.”

Witnesses relate that the standoff situation has “been going on for several hours” but police are assuring the public that this is “not a hostage incident,” despite the heavy police presence.


One local news outlet has revealed that “DeKalb County Police and SWAT have surrounded a synagogue on LaVista Road. They say a person they describe as ‘distraught’ is inside and refuses to come out.”

Hopefully the standoff situation will end peacefully for all involved. Details will be provided as they become available.

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