BLM Steamrolls More DEMANDS

BLM just flattened the leadership of a major Midwestern college with a steamroller. Administrators at North Dakota State University would love to totally cave in to demands of Black Lives Matter but they’re thwarted by the First Amendment. To placate the tantrum throwing students, they have agreed to accept the extortion and give the little terrorists almost everything they’re asking for. They declared a total surrender and will meet to discuss terms this week.

What BLM demands, they get

On Monday, North Dakota State University administrators agreed to meet with the local Black Lives Matter group to discuss terms of surrender. All it took was two days of throwing a temper tantrum disguised as a protest.

Even the college president joined the fun and held a sign on Saturday. All of it because a few students dared to be involved in a social media “challenge” meant to mock the BLM movement. The deviant students were under the false impression they had free speech rights.

BLM is demanding “action.” they insist the university change their “hate speech policy.” They want harsher penalties for anyone who voices an opinion which conflicts with Black Lives Matter ideology.

They also want each and every offense to be part of the student’s permanent record. Besides that, the school is woefully deficient in providing “resources like counseling for students of color.” The biggest of their demands is to put Black Lives Matter representatives in “NDSU leadership” positions.

A “racist” snapchat group was “mocking the death of George Floyd.” That caused two days of protest. As Snopes informs, “Using hashtags such as #GeorgeFloydChallenge, white people are taking part in a widespread effort in which they post photos of themselves kneeling on each other’s necks to mimic or mock the death of George Floyd.”

That, it turns out, is not Constitutionally protected free speech. Not to BLM anyway.

Joined by campus president

By approximately 2 p.m. on Saturday, “roughly 100 protesters gathered outside of school President Dean Bresciani’s house for speeches before commencing a march that wove through campus for over an hour.”

He joined them. “Seemingly to the surprise of organizers, Bresciani himself was in attendance for the speeches, where he bore the brunt of criticism from Faith Shields-Dixon and other speakers.”

The BLM organizer didn’t like the way he caved in so easy, and didn’t seem to realize he’s on her side. “I was really disappointed in hearing what was said yesterday by the president of the school. I want him to know that, yes, we’re happy that you put a task force together, but it was a little too late.”

What the president promised was that “the students involved in the incidents were disciplined to the ‘extent legally allowable’ within 48 hours from the time the school learned of the incident.”

The president informed the BLM supporters that he’s not allowed to talk about the details. “As a university, we’re not allowed to report on judicial matters with students.” The liberals see that as a cover up.

“There was no effort to hide this.” He will cave into all their demands that he can, he assures but “because federal courts have determined hate speech to be free speech, the school has few options to react to incidents,” Bresciani admits.

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