City Council Holds ‘Lightning Fast’ Emergency Meeting to Remove American History

In another insult to American history the city of Charlottesville Virginia has removed several statues of American heroes who have attracted hatred from the left. While statues of criminals appear in cities around America, a statue representing the great explorers Lewis and Clark and statues depicting the brilliant generals Robert E. Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson were torn down in Charlottesville on July 10 after a unanimous vote from the city council.

Lewis and Clark torn down

Arguments against the removal of historic statues and monuments often rely on the “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it” argument.

Personally, this line has never appealed to me in these situations. I, for once, would love to see a repeat of the America that produced great men like Meriwether Lewis and Robert E. Lee.

If tearing down statues would really doom us to a repeat of an America in which we honored heroic explorers and soldiers, rather than violent criminals and cowardly politicians, I would be happily taking those statues down myself.

Unfortunately, the Charlottesville City Council knows perfectly well that there’s no impending danger of a return to that old America.

Leftists do not want to erase American history because they want to repeat it or are ashamed of it. Leftists destroy American history because they hate people and things that are good and inspiring to Americans who are not wholly converted to their agenda.

Democrats are not destroying the legacy of Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. Jackson because they are ashamed of their own past. They do it because Lee and Jackson are famous Americans who have been admired by succeeding generations of Americans for their talents and virtues.

Open season on American history

The fact that Lewis and Clark were included in the Charlottesville statue purge should be proof enough that this has nothing to do with modern political parties.

Accepting the destruction of Confederate monuments because they were “Democrats” does not score points against the 21st century Democrats, it just tells them that no one will stop them from tearing down the next bit of American history.

Republicans like Kevin McCarthy who sacrificed Confederate monuments with this argument have more or less given the left a free pass to take down any other monuments they dislike.

Meriwether Lewis was a native of Albemarle County, in which Charlottesville is located. His friend Thomas Jefferson, another local, has already been targeted.

There should be no doubt that a Kevin McCarthy or Nancy Mace who is willing to take down statues of Lewis and Clark or John C. Calhoun will endorse the removal of monuments for Jefferson, who was after all a slave owning Democrat.

Americans who still care about their history must remember that abandoning Lee and Jackson in 2020 was the precedent that directly enabled the removal of Lewis and Clark in 2021, along with whichever great American is targeted next.

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