Biden Admin to Weaponize Your Phone Company Against You and Further Censor Discussions

The Democratic National Committee is arguing for the censorship of private text messages that express skepticism about the Covid-19 vaccines. Leading Democrats are reportedly pushing phone companies to give the federal government access to private messages so that approved “fact checkers” can intervene in private correspondence. All part of a major campaign by prominent Democrats to eliminate “misinformation.”

Democrats aim to censor private messages

Whatever one thinks about the safety and efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines it should be easy to understand why millions of Americans are still hesitating.

Even if some of the theories being peddled are completely outlandish, trust in the government is at an all time low in much of the country and people can point to an almost limitless collection of reasons for not believing the federal government on any given topic.

Obviously telling concerned and fearful people that the government will be hijacking their private correspondence to censor skepticism is unlikely to make any of that skepticism go away.

People who are not getting the vaccines by choice are overwhelmingly doing so because they do not trust the authorities. It would be absurd to think that such an intrusive move from the government could ever change their minds on this.

Americans have every right and every reason to trust nothing the vested powers are telling them about any given subject given recent events.

The same people who tell Americans that men can become women and that white people are all uniquely evil are now wondering why there are so many citizens who won’t trust a word they say.

A dangerous precedent

Actually, Democrats who want to censor these messages probably know this very well. Like many other recent developments, this proposal uses the pandemic to force through precedents that will expand their control.

America has already been told repeatedly that opposition to BLM and Antifa might be as dangerous as the pandemic. Will private criticism of these groups become subject to government censorship?

Federal agents are relentlessly tracking down Trump supporters who publicly opposed the outcome of the 2020 election. Will private messages about voter fraud and election interference face similar “fact checking?”

There is really no limit to what a development like this could enable in the future. If the government claims that it must censor private correspondence once for a crisis then there will be no stopping it for future crises that the government identifies.

Democrats may have erred in discussing these plans so publicly, but it would be difficult to imagine that they would give up simply because public opinion does not allow it this time.

There is a powerful lobby in Washington D.C. which aims to dismantle civil liberties that allow opposition to the regime to survive. Censorship of private messages would be a massive step towards achieving those goals.

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