If Crime is ‘Declining’ in Chicago, Then Why are Radical Activists Begging for THIS from Democrat Leaders

It seems people aren’t listening to Lori Lightfoot, she’s admitting this is over her head.  These are all Democrat strongholds too.  When are Democrat leaders just going to retire with their pensions since it’s just about money, power and getting re elected? On top of that, since when is the money and resources going to go where it’s supposed to? It’s always a Republican’s fault but this is Democrat territory.

Any leader

Democrat or not, can be thrown out. It’s curious that the activists are making demands for Pritzker to declare a state of emergency. Or do the activists consider a Democrat to be an ally?

On the one hand, Pelosi bowed to BLM and ANTIFA. On the other, BLM and ANTIFA shamed a California leader. He was told to “go home” after being revealed as spineless. Other Democrat towns and cities have been terrorized with their leaders actually defunding the police so citizens have no recourse.

You can argue

That a Democrat could give these people what they’re asking for. The problem is, the requesting never goes away. It continues until the activists raise their flag over the Unites States flag. It’s all about money and power.

“You got racial and economic injustice, high incarceration rates, high unemployment and poor schools,” explained Jahmal Cole of My Block My Hood My City. Among the demands are more mental health services, job programs and activities for the young people.

Democrat leaders

Are burying a higher number of their youth. The young people in Democrat cities are often involved in guns and drugs or they’re innocent bystanders when a skirmish breaks out.

Terrell Bosley was shot in front of a church. His mother, Pam, cries out, “Every single day, I’m trying to bury another child and that hurts.” New York’s Governor Cuomo has called for a state of emergency and in Chicago over 100 people were shot over the weekend.

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