BLM Radical Shot in Head

A radical BLM activist is currently in critical condition after being shot in the head on Sunday, May 23. Sasha Johnson, a leader of the British Black Lives Matter movement, was shot in London in what appears to have been a gang related incident. Johnson is known for her radical anti-white views, though there is currently no indication that the shooting intentionally targeted her. She has undergone surgery but remains hospitalized currently.

London BLM leaders shot

Sasha Johnson organized large BLM related marches in London last year in which she claimed that her group was determined to secure “equal rights and justice.”

Johnson also plays a leading role in a small political party in the UK which has a platform centered generally around the interests of the broader BLM movement.

This Taking The Initiative Party indicated in their own statement on the shooting that the incident was connected somehow to her activism and alleged death threats she has received.

Police, however, say that there is no reason to suspect that her identity or position had anything to do with her being shot and that there were no credible threats made recently.

Early investigations have concluded that the shooting was most likely related to a house party which was taking place nearby and which Johnson may have been attending.

The drive-by attack involved a number of shots being fired at the house and attached garden, one of which struck Sasha Johnson in the head.BLM

Believed to be gang related

The incident is presumed to have been gang related and to have been part of an attempt to murder someone else at the party who had some connection to gang activity.

Johnson, who is known to be inspired by and to employ the imagery of the radical Black Panther group, which has frequently engaged in violent activities in the United States.

It is unclear if Johnson has any connections to local gang activities herself, though attending a party where a gang related shooting takes place indicates some level of affiliation with that particular segment of society.

Given the demographics of gangs in the area it can be presumed that the individual who shot Johnson was not white.

This is not stopping her allies and the media from insinuating that there was a racist element involved; headlines and articles have been taking great pains to identify her as a “fearless” BLM activist.

Unfortunately for Sasha Johnson, the incident appears to be nothing more than another regrettable instance of black on black crime in a major city.

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