Liberals are Now Openly Calling for the End of Conservatives

According to a “center-left Democrat” conservatives must be destroyed. Liberal lawyer and writer Richard North Patterson, in a rambling and incoherent article, argues that the modern GOP is a “lethal” threat to America and must be destroyed. As we know, calling yourself a centrist makes it so, even if you devote your time primarily to whining about the fact that your political rivals are not being exterminated. A true man of the center is Mr. Patterson.

Conservatives “must be destroyed”

Patterson begins by quoting Cato the Elder, the great Roman statesman who famously concluded every speech, regardless of topic, by exclaiming “Cathago Delenda Est” or “Furthermore, Carthage must be destroyed,” referring to frequent enemy of the Roman Republic in what is now Tunisia.

It is quite ironic that Patterson attempts to channel Cato in his attack on American conservatives. Cato, after all, was an infamously xenophobic, militarist, and uncompromising conservative in Roman politics. These are traits which have endeared him to later conservatives, but does Patterson know this?

Mr. Patterson believes that President Trump and the GOP must be destroyed or at least purged from American politics because they are insufficiently devoted to replacing their own population with immigrants.

If Mr. Patterson could travel through time and tell Cato the Elder that he must replace the native Roman population with Carthaginian immigrants the unfortunate modern lawyer would undoubtedly and quickly find himself learning about some of the less pleasant aspects of the Roman justice system.

Fortunately, we 21st century Americans are civilized people who don’t throw traitors from cliffs as Cato himself might suggest to us. Patterson is perfectly free to call for the destruction of the other side and to call himself a peaceful moderate while he does it. Progress is a truly beautiful thing.

There is nothing remotely compelling or interesting in the article written by Patterson beyond the banal talking points spewed all day from the media and the White House. All after the title exists to feed the flimsy illusion that liberals aren’t literally and simply calling for the total destruction of conservatives.

Ruins of Carthage

The feeling is mutual Mr. Patterson

Calling for the elimination of liberalism in America would likely put one on a number of lists in 2021. This would be effectively calling for the abolition of the new American state religion. Dangerous to our democracy surely.

Vapid and spineless authors like Richard North Patterson are free to call for the extermination of American conservatism just as they are free to cheer for the end of white America and Christian America.

The party which is in power has no qualms about crushing the opposition. Conservatives in America have spent eons attempting to defend free speech and expression for people like Patterson and articles like this are to be their reward for these principled stands.

There is nothing “political” or “ideological” about what Patterson and his allies in the government and mainstream media are calling for. Liberals aren’t merely interested in changing minds or defeating ideas, they are aiming at the complete destruction and demoralization of the American people.

Rhetoric like this is infinitely more violent and inflammatory than anything which President Trump said during his four years in office. Sinister lawyers and journalists promote this theoretical talk about destroying conservatives while their BLM and Antifa allies in the streets make it a physical reality.

America could certainly use a leader like Cato in 2021, a man who truly wouldn’t tolerate morons like Richard Patterson. For now, however, idiots like him remain free to publicly call for the extermination of conservatism. Yet another sign of healing and reconciliation in Biden’s America.

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