BLM is Becoming the Judge, The Jury and The Executioner

If it appears to BLM that you seem to be “getting away with something”, you need to be canceled. Not even be allowed to earn a living, at least not as a police officer. If a white police officer at least injures a black person, regardless the circumstances, that white police officer might as well just disappear. A deceased black person will be canonized if George Floyd is any indication. This is why we have abbreviated police forces now.

A goal of BLM

Is to remove white people. We’ve got monetary reparations in one or two parts of the country but it’s never going to be enough.

Jacob Blake Jr. was shot by Kenosha officer Rusten Sheskey. Blake picked up a pocket knife that had fallen out of his pocket during an attempted arrest. He had an outstanding warrant. Blake picking up that pocket knife made Sheskey fear for his life so he shot Blake seven times.

BLM and Blake’s family

Outright want Sheskey fired. Find another job. Jacob Blake Sr. said, “We’re not here to ask for anything. We’re here to claim what is due to us.” Seven shots in the back is justification to lose your job. “Seven times in my son’s back for a pocket knife is not justification,” Mr. Blake continued.

Tanya McLean is the executive director for “Leaders of Kenosha”. She wasn’t happy Blake still had his job and they want a “conversation”. “Rusten Sheskey is back on duty. Albeit, it’s desk duty, but it’s still back on duty. We feel, the bare minimum, that the city should have had a conversation with the family and community to prepare us.” He was returned to work “like nothing happened”. That “conversation” will go nowhere. BLM wants particular terms and unless they get it, the town burns.

BLM is the mob

Under those terms. That’s extortion. Police internal investigation won’t be good enough because officers cover each other.

The movement to defund police and officers taking various types of leave or outright quitting the force will continue. It makes no sense to apply to the police force if you can be crucified for doing what you thought was your job.

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