Bill Gates Reveals Critical Mistake He Made in Relationship With Epstein[VIDEO]

Bill Gates is attempting to defend his connections to Jeffrey Epstein amidst the public scrutiny which the topic has received since the announcement of a divorce with his wife Melinda. Gates was interviewed by Anderson Cooper of CNN for his first public appearance since the high profile divorce between him and his wife of 27 years, a divorce which was reportedly driven in part by the former relationship between the Microsoft founder and Epstein.

Gates downplays Epstein connection

While Gates has always publicly claimed that he was never a close associate of Epstein the pair were evidently close enough to bother Melinda Gates.

Bill is rumored to have confided in Epstein regarding the state of his marriage. When the connection became public knowledge Melinda, who apparently never approved of Epstein, began to plan for a divorce.

To CNN Gates claimed that his association with Epstein only resulted in several dinners at which the pair discussed the possibility of working together for charitable purposes.

Other sources have reported that Bill was convinced that Epstein was powerful enough to help him secure a Nobel Prize, a long time ambition of his.

While his own story has shifted over time, Gates now claims that the affiliation was an honest mistake, despite the fact that what Epstein was doing had already become public knowledge.

If the past is any indication then it is very likely that Bill is still not telling the whole truth about the Epstein connection.

Other concerns for Microsoft founder

Unfortunately for his credibility, former Microsoft employees are painting a picture of Gates as a superior which might have let him get along quite well with Epstein.

Beyond extramarital affairs, Gates reportedly attempted to pressure and harass subordinates who did not respond to his advances.

Microsoft itself is still investigating specific accusations against their founder, though it has become clear since the end of his active role in the company that at least some complaints were true.

Gates is described as having been an exceptionally rude and condescending employer with little respect for his employees  in addition to the sexual harassment allegations.

On CNN the Microsoft founder was eager to show contrition without acknowledging any specific wrongdoing, hoping instead to focus on his philanthropic works.

There will likely be more appearances for Bill Gates in the future now that the divorce is finalized; whether or not it is too late to salvage his image remains to be seen.

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