BLM Goon Busted Defacing College Property With White Supremacist and Devil Worshipping Images

An investigation into racist graffiti at Albion College made a shocking (not really) discovery about the culprit. As in most of these cases, the whole thing was a hoax staged by a BLM supporting student to spark a protest and claim to be a victim. The embarrassed college has had to suspend the black student and remove him from campus after he confessed to staging the hate hoax and was spotted in surveillance footage.

Fake hate crime unravels

Hate crimes may not be endemic in modern America but hate crime hoaxes certainly are. Obvious hoaxes like the graffiti at Albion are all too common now.

Poorly staged hate crimes like the infamous Jussie Smollett case are seen by many as a road to easy money and attention with a media which uncritically accepts every supposed hate crime story they hear.

The graffiti in this case included racial epithets along with “KKK white power,” which sounds exactly like what someone who watches CNN frequently might think racists sound like.

Apparently not questioning the obvious fake, the college immediately launched an investigation and expressed support for students and faculty traumatized by it.

Hilariously, students even staged a mass boycott of classes and marched against racism on campus before the whole thing was revealed to be a fraud.

“I’m tired of having to do these things. I wish I could get up like a regular kid, go to class, come home and do homework, but that’s not my reality,” said one heroic student protester, as he skipped class and homework to protest an absurdly done hate

College humiliated by BLM hoax

Of course no one had to do any of this because if they had spent even ten seconds thinking critically about the graffiti the hoax would be obvious. Both the college and the students willfully chose to pretend that it was real and threatening.

The entire Albion College community desperately hoped to find a hate crime and an excuse to protest and demand attention and sympathy.

When no reason to stage a protest could be found, one enterprising young man decided that he would create his own hate crime to fill the void.

Undoubtedly, come protest time this student was shouting about the racism of Albion College, pointing to his own graffiti as proof and perhaps even believing it himself.

The college was clearly embarrassed about having to confess that it was all a fake. Their statement announcing that the perpetrator had been discovered made no mention of his actual race or motivation, instead continuing to pretend that the graffiti was evidence of real racism on campus.

For students, who had been boycotting their midterms because they claimed to be unable to focus on tests with so much racism around, the disappointment must be immeasurable.

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