Police: Suspect ‘Felt the Need to Find a White Male to Kill’

Police Sergeant R.S. Mills with the Columbus, Georgia Police Department testified at Thursday’s arraignment hearing that suspect Jayvon Hatchett “felt the need to find a white male to kill,” when he walked into a local Auto Zone Tuesday morning and proceeded to brutally slice and dice the counter clerk within an inch of his life.

Looking for ‘a White male to kill’

On Thursday, 19-year-old Jayvon Hatchett made his first appearance in the Superior Court for Columbus, Georgia for what he did Tuesday Morning. Around 8:36 a.m. he casually strolled into a local Auto Zone with murder on his mind and looking for “a White male to kill.”

As Columbus Police Sergeant Ray Mills testified, “It was a premeditated, brutal assault.” The security cameras show that “Hatchett entered the parts store asking for a thermostat and after he was informed the store didn’t have his part he started to stab the employee multiple times after he turned away.” The White clerk “was transported to the hospital in critical condition and lucky to be alive after the assault.”

Police immediately released a description of the suspect but details haven’t been revealed until Thursday’s appearance in court. As soon as the images captured by surveillance video made the rounds of social media, it didn’t take long for tips to start rolling in. “Law enforcement was tipped off immediately after those images were published by local media.” In Georgia, they take blatant racism against a random White person seriously.

The suspect ‘readily confessed’

As sergeant Mills testified in court, “Hatchett greeted him with a smile at his home a short distance away from the Auto Zone and readily confessed to stabbing an employee there.” He was totally brainwashed by all the Black Lives Matter propaganda. “Hatchett was enraged after watching police incidents on social media and singled out the Auto Zone worker because he was white,” the sergeant explained. “Mr. Hatchett told me that he had been watching Facebook videos of police shootings in other parts of the country and that he felt compelled to go stab a White male.”

Court records revealed that while he went hunting for White men to murder, he was “free on bond after being charged just three days before the stabbing with criminal damage to property.” Six months ago, “he was arrested for two felonies including aggravated assault.”

It didn’t take long for Judge Julius Hunter to realize that Mr. Hatchett is perfectly comfortable with what he did because his television told him it’s his duty as a Black man to murder White folks. Black Lives Matter and the rest don’t count. That’s why he “ordered a mental health evaluation and declined to issue bond.”

  1. The clerk at the auto zone should sue fackbook for allowing blm videos that promote lies to black people and not let them see the truth and cnn for biase new reporting!

    1. FB blocks, takes down and fact checks the truth all the time, yet hateful dangerous leftist lies are left up and promoted. This might be the perfect case to address this problem.

  2. The Progressives promote and encourage riot, arson and looting. The Progressives release apprehended suspects automatically without bail. The Progressives open prison doors to felons convicted of violent acts. The Progressives want to outlaw ownership of guns by law abiding citizens. I suspect there’s a pattern here…

  3. Boy, I keep hearing that America is a racist nation. I’ve always thought it was bovine excrement, but it appears there is some truth to it. Anyone who is one color and who goes looking for a person of another color to KILL is definitely a racist. Out last president was a racist, too. He hated white people and hardly ever missed an opportunity to let the world in on his hatred-I believe Black Lives Matter started while he was president and he probably financed it’s operation through some of his slush funds (he had some pretty impressive slush funds-if you remember, he had no trouble finding $150 billion to give to the Mullahs in Iran to get them to agree not to build a bomb).

  4. Hit them in the pockets! That’s the ONLY thing they will listen to. And the clerk at Auto Zone has standing to file against them.
    This blatant censorship is un-American, and anti-1st Amend and with FB/IG, they are like a public utility but they censor those they don’t want heard. It’s just another form of cancel-culture; another form of political correctness gone too far. I wonder if Zuckerberg started the company with the plan and vision to censor conservatives?

  5. Folks, let’s be realistic, this is what the democratic party has encouraged with their BS lies about all whites are racists, have white privilege, owe the blacks, and every thug who resists and attacks police are targeted by police even though it is proven as lies. The democrats stand behind the lies knowing they are, teach them to our youth and repeat them in the media, the congress and in liberal states and cities. They are trying to create a race war and to be elected into office where they can declare martial law and become dictators of our nation by installing federal police to enforce their policies. Already some liberal democrats have tried to have people arrested for disagreeing with them and look at what happens to those of us who show we are pro Trump, we are attacked for our freedom of speech. Trump 2020.

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