Ilhan Omar Just Helped Incite Violence in America… Live on TV!

Ilhan Omar claimed during an appearance on CNN on April 25 that the death of George Floyd was a “lynching.” Going even further, Omar claimed that swathes of the American population supports the random  lynching of black men. These claims are delusional and intentionally inflammatory and Omar is given a constant platform to spout them on live TV by CNN and others who share her radical ideas about American history and society.

Ilhan Omar uses a word she doesn’t understand

It is shocking that in modern America men can still face lynching attempts that go completely unpunished. The targeted individuals are not random black men, however, as Omar claims.

If anyone is being lynched in America it is men like Derek Chauvin or the officer who shot Ma’Khia Bryant, effectively lynched by the media and the mob who ensure that a fair trial is an impossibility.

Omar, on the other hand, claims that the death of George Floyd was not only a lynching, it was a lynching which a sizable portion of the American public was happy to watch for casual entertainment.

The comments were sparked by the release of a poll which shows that nearly half of the Republicans surveyed believed that the jury in the Chauvin case reached the wrong decision.

Given what the public knows about George Floyd and the circumstances of his death, along with the violent rhetoric and rioting surrounding the trial itself, this seems like a perfectly logical opinion for an observer who cares about justice to hold.

To CNN and Omar this concern for justice is horrifying. A lynch mob mentality in fact because lynch mobs have always cared so much for justice and fighting jury intimidation.

Disdain for the justice system

That a creature like Ilhan Omar is given a platform to lecture normal Americans about why they must accept this horribly unfair trial would not be a concern at all in a sane country.

America once believed that a fair jury trial was essential before guilt or innocence could be proclaimed. “Innocent until proven guilty” has always been a foundational way of thinking in this country.

Ilhan Omar and other Democrats who use the word “lynching” so liberally must think that this is all a horribly outdated process. After all, why bother with a long and contentious trial when you can get your own results by calling someone a racist murderer on CNN until it sticks?

Politicians like Omar directly rigged the results of the Chauvin trial with their threats and violent rhetoric just as they stirred up riots and looting in American cities last year.

This absolute disdain shown for the American justice system and for Republicans by Omar and CNN shows just how secure leftists have become in their ability to control the narrative.

Words like “lynching” used to have real meanings and used to be serious accusations. Now Ilhan Omar is free to accuse half of the Republican Party of support for lynching while her own mob cries for the right to lynch.

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