Christians Step Up BIGLY, Help Officer Who Was Ousted

When the media was given hacked information which revealed the names of police officers and paramedics who have given small donations to Kyle Rittenhouse they pounced immediately. Patriots who quietly gave a few dollars and words of encouragement to the embattled teen were harassed and fired from their jobs. For one such officer, this story has a happy ending. Christians around the country have rallied to help out the officer, who was recently fired over his donation.

Officer fired over $25

Norfolk, Virginia police lieutenant William K. Kelly III used Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo to send an anonymous $25 donation to Kyle Rittenhouse in September.

The donation included a brief message to Kyle encouraging him to remain courageous and strong. The message continued with “Every rank and file police officer supports you. Don’t be discouraged by actions of the political class of law enforcement leadership.”

Unfortunately for the officer, this political class of law enforcement leadership fired Lt. Kelly almost immediately after the donation, which the hacked information indicated was made from his official email address, was made public.

Apparently, this small, anonymous donation made out of his own pocket would “erode the trust” between police and “those they are sworn to serve”

Given the number of Americans who support Kyle Rittenhouse and his right to self defense or at least a fair trial, the Norfolk Police Department are evidently sworn only to serve leftist demographics and politicians.

Lt. Kelly has been with the Norfolk police since 2002 and was promoted in February to be head of the internal affairs division. This long and stellar record with the department meant nothing to the political leadership which fired the officer.harassing

Christian patriots fight back

To other users of GiveSendGo, however, the fact that this injustice might destroy the life of a dutiful and patriotic officer necessitated a response of their own.

The cofounders of the crowdfunding site quickly started their own fundraiser to support Kelly, pointing out that his rights had been blatantly violated by this absurd firing over one anonymous donation.

Support from other Christians and patriots has poured in; the fundraiser has thus far collected more than $43,000 and it is still climbing. These donations are coming in small amounts from normal Americans just like Lt. Kelly who oppose the mainstream media lynch mob.

Accompanying the donations has been a plethora of messages encouraging Kelly to stand up for his rights and fight back against the corrupt department which fired him, something that has become a real possibility with so much being raised so quickly.

The support for this officer, like the support shown to Kyle Rittenhouse, shows how patriotic Americans can still fight back against the power of the left in the media and government.

With so much against faithful and patriotic Americans, rallying together behind individuals like Lt. Kelly who are targeted like this may be one of the only real methods for showing defiance currently.

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