ABC Caught Openly Doxing and Harassing Private Citizens Who Donated to Patriot

Reporters from ABC have been caught openly harassing and doxxing a private citizen over a $10 donation to the defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse. ABC4 News sent reporters to the home of a paramedic in Utah who was revealed as being a donor in hacked information obtained by the media. The paramedic is one of the many victims of the hacking who are now facing harassment from liberal media outlets which have seized on the hacked data.

Citizens attacked for defending Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse was arrested in Kenosha, Wisconsin last year during the riots in that city. The 18 year old claimed that he was present to protect local businesses and offer first-aid to anyone injured during the chaos.

After being attacked by rioters Rittenhouse attempted to flee before opening fire on his pursuers, killing two and injuring one. While Rittenhouse faces potential life in prison for the shooting, many Americans have supported his actions as being responsible self defense.

In widely seen footage of the incident Rittenhouse is seen being violently chased and assaulted by his alleged victims and firing several shots in response, evidently fearing for his life.

Small donations have poured into his defense fund from around the country from citizens who view Rittenhouse as a patriot being unjustly persecuted for defending himself. Rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty to the charge of first-degree homicide.

The hacked data given to the media and promoted by Twitter (which allegedly has a strict policy against spreading hacked data) revealed the names of and amounts donated by police officers, paramedics, and others who gave to the Rittenhouse defense fund.

The data shows that donations have overwhelmingly come in small amounts, often only $20 or $25. Clearly these donors are normal Americans with modest incomes privately chipping in to help a teenager defend himself from what they believe are unjust charges.

Reporters harassing paramedic for $10 donation

The media has gleefully picked up the information, using it to publicize the names and private information of these small, working class donors.

The local ABC affiliate in Utah took an entire camera crew to the home of the paramedic who donated $10. The reporters, who published his name, attempted to gain access to the home and harass the paramedic and other residents.

The paramedic in question did not respond and refused to be questioned by the reporters, who continued to devote a great deal of attention to the man on social media.

The man is not accused of doing anything remotely illegal. The ABC affiliate is harassing a hard working citizen for a single private donation of $10 to the defense fund of an individual who has not even been tried yet.

In addition to the online and in person harassment, the reporters are working to have the paramedic fired from his job and be rendered unemployable as a result of their actions.

ABC News4 is harassing a private individual, publishing his name and information, and attempting to destroy his livelihood as a result of a onetime $10 donation to an individual whose innocence is widely believed in by normal Americans.  A disturbing but not surprising new low for the American media.

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