Tulsi Gabbard Breaks from Party, Makes Shocking Announcement

Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has broken from her party to condemn Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, calling her policy of explicitly favoring non-white journalists  an example of anti-white racism. Gabbard has frequently been an outlier in her party and has often been condemned by her fellow Democrats, who have at times accused her of being in the employ of Russia in a tactic reminiscent of their campaigns against Donald Trump.

Gabbard condemns Chicago mayor

Gabbard was reacting to a statement released by the Chicago mayor which complained about the prominence of white men in the Chicago press corps.

In response to this preponderance of white men Mayor Lightfoot announced that she would be offering interviews exclusively to non-white reporters.

In response to this announcement Tulsi Gabbard did something which even the average Republican politician has generally been afraid to do.

Gabbard explicitly called the policy an example of anti-white racism and called for Mayor Lightfoot to resign, asking the President and Vice President to join her in demanding the resignation.

There seems to be no likelihood of Biden and Harris standing with Gabbard to condemn Mayor Lightfoot. Claiming that anti-white racism even exists is an extreme taboo among Democrats generally.

Mayor Lightfoot announced her decision to prioritize non-white reporters as part of her two year anniversary as mayor of Chicago.

Anti-white bias in Chicago

Gabbard’s tweet was apparently well received on Twitter, where it has more than 90,000 likes. Leftists have been equally enthusiastic in condemning the tweet.

The most egregious portion of the tweet for leftists was the mention of “anti-white” racism, a thing which liberal orthodoxy claims does not and cannot exist.

Gabbard has herself been, predictably, called racist for the tweet, in spite of the fact that what she was pointing out should fit the dictionary definition of racism.

Unfortunately, liberals have changed that definition specifically to exclude white people from ever being potential victims and to ensure that all white people can be identified as racists.

Most of the public evidently disagrees with both the new definition and the policy announced by the Mayor of Chicago but it seems unlikely that many politicians will join Tulsi Gabbard in condemning her and calling for a resignation.

Gabbard is evidently interested in reacting to the reality of a situation like this and calling anti-white bias what it is. Unfortunately that means she is very out of place in her own party.

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