Faith Will Get You Far

Even things that look lousy at first can be turned around for good if you have faith. Shannon Bream is a new Fox host who tweeted out about the journey she took to arrive where she is today. She’s permanently replacing Chris Wallace who left the network last December for a show that wound up falling apart, a streaming service on CNN+. Bream openly shares about her faith and how it helps her.

Faith will pick you up

When the world has smacked you down. Her Twitter thread began,

“Y’all, I got fired from my first tv job, by a man who told me I was the worst person he’d ever seen on tv. He also told me I’d never make it in this business. I was humiliated. I cried … a lot. I prayed … a lot. That man did me a favor. I had much to learn, and as I spent months getting anyone to return an email or a call I watched my tapes and got real with myself. There is always room for improvement, and believe me I needed it.”

She’s had a chronic eye disease that threatened her mental state, “I got a healthy serving of humility, and learned that God often allows us to walk through valleys — for our own good. That was also true when I spent years in chronic pain and was ultimately diagnosed with a genetic condition that has no cure.”

Her faith held her

“God walks with us through our deepest sorrows, and celebrates with us on our mountaintops. Our circumstances may change, but He never will. I’m feeling especially grateful for that this week, and can’t wait to start my new adventure on @FoxNewsSunday.”

Bream was on the show in January and got the best ratings they’ve had all year. She’ll be the first woman to anchor the show that’s been airing for 26 years. Chris Wallace had been the anchor for 18 years.

Faith will bring you to a better place

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott put out a statement, “Shannon is an outstanding journalist, reporter and anchor who has cultivated a strong and enduring relationship with the FOX News Media audience.”

Shannon is sure to do well at Fox. The more faith you have, the better everybody is.

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