Trump Interview Sucks All the Oxygen From GOP ‘Under-Card’

In the first 12 hours since Tucker Carlson’s interview of Donald Trump aired, it was seen by 170 million viewers. Meanwhile, the only ones watching the GOP debate were Democrats and the media. The hour-long interview easily sucked all the oxygen away from what everyone calls the “under-card” event of the evening. One thing the RINO free-for-all showed everyone is that none of them are determined leaders.

Trump keeps things calm

Considering the “stir” his interview caused, Donald Trump remained calm and “presidential.” Tucker Carlson was more of a facilitator than inquisitor and allowed the rightful president to basically ramble through the things on his mind.

Occasionally, he would jump in for more detail or to make an observation but mostly allowed the pace to set itself. It’s hard to imagine Joe Biden talking so lucidly for as long, without any cue cards or prodding from the host.

Trump “didn’t hold back on sharing his thoughts about the current state of the Republican party, the nation’s economy, and his potential comeback in the political arena.” Releasing the interview to coincide with the debate was a clear power move. The once and future president acknowledges that his unequaled command of the political battlefield puts a huge target on his back.

The first time Tucker quizzed him on his personal safety, he shrugged it off and kept moving. When it came up again, he noted there’s not much he can do that he’s not doing now and he’s in the hands of the Secret Service. Beyond that, there are some “savage animals” out there, “people that are sick.

Within two hours, “the interview had already amassed a staggering 80 million views.” That makes it obvious to the terrified Democrats that the way America’s heartland sees it, you’re either Trump or a traitor.

In this election cycle, you’re either with or against the rightful president, serving the second term he’s already earned and been cheated out of.

Pence could have challenged

The other big question to pop up in the wide-ranging interview was about Mike Pence and his decision not to challenge the election results on January 6, 2021. Trump admitted that the lawyers couldn’t agree between themselves on whether it would work but the majority of them believed it was clearly legal. Pence listened to his own attorney who advised against it.

We know, now, that the president was right and Pence did have the power to question the ballots. He could have sent them back to be checked if he wanted. Since then, Congress approved a change in the law to prevent it from happening again, which proves it was a viable option then. It’s a footnote in history now. Except to Trump’s persecutors.

It’s evident that Trump’s fanbase remains unwavering and eager to catch every word that comes out of his mouth, regardless of the competing political spectacle.” That has the GOP in panic mode. All the ones on stage last night can kiss a vice president slot goodbye. They doomed their own political careers in the long run by daring to stand in Trump’s way now.

If they were really interested in cleaning up the government corruption, they would be tripping over themselves to help Trump gain his rightful place. Instead of draining the swamp, DeSantis and the rest feel comfortable living in it. They just want to find enough high ground to keep their rear ends away from the gators.

It’s clear, beltway pundits are writing, “while the debate itself was a significant event for the Republican party, Trump’s interview managed to create a parallel narrative, one that revolved entirely around his words and opinions.

To American conservatives, Donald Trump and his agenda is all that matters. He may be loud, crass and have bad hair but we still have all those “raccoons in the basement” and nobody is better qualified to clean them out than Donald Trump.

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