Farm Worker Finds Stack of Ballots That Were Stolen From Mailboxes in Arizona

A secret stash of election ballots ripped off from Glendale, Arizona mailboxes was literally uncovered by an observant farm worker. With the state a hotly contested election battleground, state and federal officials will be looking at the crime closely. The controversy is raging because someone tried to get sneaky and call the state for Joe Biden long before the rural Trump loving precincts were tallied up. Adding to the confusion, the Deep State is misdirecting everyone with “Sharpiegate.”

Ballots buried in a field

State of Arizona and federal authorities are investigating after a stash of stolen voter packets was discovered at a farm in the town of Glendale. According to the state’s Attorney General’s office, “a worker at a farm located a stack of unopened mail-in ballots on Friday near the intersection of 99th and Glendale avenues and reported it to Glendale Police.”

Officials related that Brayan Ruiz discovered a pile of 18 election envelopes buried in a farm field “underneath some concrete and rocks.” They posted about it on their Facebook page saying, “He did the right thing by returning the ballots trying to ensure everyone who wanted to vote early still could vote.”

Ruiz insists that he left every single ballot just the way he found them until police got there. They relate that “responding officers from the Glendale Police Department confirmed that 18 ballots were in the pile within envelopes that were still sealed.”

Unusual knocks at the door

The Attorney General’s office explained that investigators were able to determine that it wasn’t a bulk dump like has allegedly happened elsewhere. The ballots had been stolen one-by-one, from “individual mailboxes in a neighborhood just south of 107th and Northern avenues in Glendale.”

The day after the discovery which happened to be Halloween, local residents were shocked to get a bunch of early trick-or-treaters, receiving “unusual knocks at their door.” The police were handing them their ballot back. A Glendale police officer, accompanied by two attorney general’s special agents, “participated in delivering the ballots.”

The Glendale PD even posted a video of Ruiz explaining how he found the ballot stash, “as well as then delivering them to the registered voters.” They want to show complete transparency in an election where every single vote counts, right down to the wire. The voters had been wondering what happened to their packets. “Each resident said they were aware their early election ballots had not arrived. Some went in person to vote early, and others had not voted yet.”

  1. democRATS will do any thing to get sleepy joe in to WH and then half cast muslim obama to use biden as a puppet,

  2. This is outrageous! The fraud some are willing to do to take the election away from Trump. I wonder if Piglosy has anything to do with this?

    People are sabotaging this election all over the place. Very interesting that every fraud we find concerns Trump votes and not Biden. Biden did say he had the best fraud for votes. Well it looks like he was telling the truth for once.

    1. Remember, the Democrats or “Left” operate under the idea of “Do what I say not what I do” and “The ends justifies the means”. People should read “Rules for Radicals” and what is going on becomes clear. In the book Saul Alinsky said lie lie lie since when one lies long enough people will start believing the lie. The Democrats are hoping people will start believing their lies if they keep lying long enough. And remember, the Propaganda Media is helping them.

  3. I can’t say it’s absolutely true, but I’ve read and heard that millions of false ballots do not contain an I.D. mark, that can only be seen by a scanner (this compliments the idea that the Chinese were printing millions of fake ballots, but without this I.D.). Every ballot NOT containing this mark, should be thrown out (no matter who the vote is for)…this sounds like a more sophisticated form of “hanging chads” we endured in Florida some years back. As a matter of fact, I think the “hanging chads” was a globalist attempt at desensitizing us or indoctrinating us to accept the idea that there is no way an accurate count is possible and we must accept what the communist press tells us the count is. Either that or the progressive left thought they would have the Supreme Court majority to settle in their favor. Fortunately, we have a SCOTUS that will find on law and not ideology.

  4. I guess we’re all susceptible to click bait about the election only to find another opportunity to contribute to some candidate or an organization. The never Trumpers are probably enjoying this thinking that we’ll come back into the fold as soon as Trump is gone. Those sorry assed wannabes will never be worthy of squat. We’ll win when we find another winner like Trump. Anything less won’t do. Once you’ve experienced a Trump Rally, well, you know.

  5. The question we have is not how much voter fraud has occurred ( impossible to determine) but comes to a decision that satisfies the huge amount of citizens who are convinced that this election was not stolen . This upcoming Supreme Court decision will not be about the presidency but our democracy. The Democrats changed the rules and have done everything possible to delegitimize our voting system which has been the hallmark of the world. Democrats have fought voter ID for years and now have used the COVID pandemic as and excuse to flood Democratic ran cities with unvetted votes. The Supreme Court must do whatever is needed to save our democracy not the next president. There shouldn’t be a problem with making sure this election was fair!

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