Hillary Refuses to Zip It, Spouts Off Forgetting She Isn’t POTUS

Sometimes it’s wise to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Hillary is just adding to the noise. She’s ignoring two things. Number one, nobody is forcing teachers to go into an unsafe space. There are many unemployed teachers who’d love their job. Number two, this only forces the homeschooling hand. One article actually said as much that schools are just glorified daycares. And then there’s the question of taxes.

Hillary thinks she’s advocating for teachers

When the opposite is true. COVID numbers the first 6-8 weeks from the front lines suggested that yes, it’s deadly. But it’s no more deadly than the annual flu. We don’t close schools down for that.

Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speak from this standpoint. “This doesn’t have to look like exactly like it did a year or two ago. Think creatively about how you do it, but do it. This has to happen,” DeVos said last week.

Hillary doesn’t realize what she just said

She just opened that door for alternate schooling. Democrats have seen public school as a place to indoctrinate rather than teach. The results are all around us.

If schooling is put back in the parents hands, their indoctrination goes out the window. Homeschool companies will respond to teach the basics again. Government never should have been put in charge of education.

Schooling as we know it affects taxes, Hillary

[Trump] hasn’t mentioned one thing — not one thing — about the risks he’s putting on the good people that walk into that school building,” said Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president of the National Education Association.

There’s been rumblings since the shut down happened about education taxes. There’s always been teachers complaining they have to take care of “our brats” during the school year as well as administrative things during the summer. That’s why they deserve to get paid year round. The rumblings have grown louder from COVID. School officials have screamed back they’re working harder than before. Well, this can change. And with it, taxes may be affected. Hillary, this can bite you and the DNC in the back end.

  1. Dang … she still around ???? I thought she was dead . Is she still crying and blaming everyone else for losing in 2016 ??? She lost cause all us deplorables stepped up and took her down once and for all . She just can’t get it in to her head … we don’t want her in office and will never let her in again . Does she really want to be a 3 time loser ??? She should stick to her girl friend and leave us and bill alone . Weeee … don’t want her . She really is a pathetic bitch . Here’s the white privileges yall talk about . this pathetic piece of shit is the poster child of the true meaning of white privileges . Did you really need me to point that out for you ???? Either way I was happy to do it for you . And now she’s backing old joe for the big boys seat . That in its self is more funnier then her crying about why she lost the big boy seat . You have to be a man with balls to win . Not a bunch of has been wanta be’s

  2. Hillary Clinton belongs in prison for life actually she belongs hanging from the gallows for the treason she has committed her entire life against the USA. Period.

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