He Was Shot Dead…Nation in Mourning

Imagine coming halfway across the world to escape violence after terrorists took over your country.

You think your life is saved and you can live the dream in America for having helped our service members during the war.

That was the dream of Nasrat Ahmad Yar.

He’s Gone

Yar was one of the numerous Afghani interpreters who worked with our service members in Afghanistan.

As part of the evacuation effort, he was permitted to come to the United States and had been living in the DC area (actually Virginia).

To earn a living here, he was driving for Lyft rideshare service.

On Monday, his life was snuffed out by a thug who shot and killed Yar while he was driving for Lyft.

DC Police reported the incident just after midnight on Monday.

Security footage showed a group of four teenagers running from the scene after the shot was fired.

The woman that provided the footage to police stated, “There’s like a lot of questions we should be asking, like why do these kids have access to a gun? Will they be held accountable?

“Why don’t they comprehend life-altering consequences of pulling the trigger?”

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Butler stated that Yar “served this country a great deal more than I did.

“I did 42 months in combat but that was nowhere near what he had.”

I guess it is the gun’s fault that Yar is dead, and not the thug DC teenager that shot him.

Source: The Post Millennial

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