Flashback: Joe Biden has Always Been an Idiot

Joe Biden has sat in government for 48 years. Biden eats his words again. How many drugs is he now on to prop him up? Being President, you don’t sleep and Biden needs sleep. He has an army covering for him and it’s been going on for decades. Being Democrat he probably had to say what he said. Cuomo needed the endorsement for whatever he does next. Biden asked Cuomo to resign so he did.

Joe hasn’t looked at New York City

If you consider “one hell of a job” having many closed storefronts then he indeed got that job done. There are videos showing this on YouTube. People leave for a variety of reasons and don’t come back.

Cuomo also did a “hell of a job” getting those COVID numbers up. Anybody remember the nursing home deaths? Trump provided space for those people but because it would make Trump look good, Cuomo sent the elderly to their deaths.

Joe, performance needs to include character

And you’re one to talk. Don’t touch kids or the ladies except via a handshake. Curiously, Jen Psaki praised the ladies that spoke up. It makes you wonder if there was something else going on.

“Our view is that this is a story about these courageous women who came forward, told their stories, shared their stories, and an investigation overseen by the attorney general that of course concluded today in an outcome that the president called for just last week,” Psaki noted. Psaki contradicted other news sources when she said Biden hadn’t spoken to Cuomo.

When is Nancy going to pull the plug on you, Joe?

We all know that’s what was planned. Kamala just polled so low Democrats couldn’t put her in to be President. We all know Joe is just a place holder.

Democrats had nothing else. Nobody else polled anywhere near Trump so in order for Joe Biden to be in office, Democrats had to cheat.

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