K9 Busts Smelly Deep State Rat With The Cheese

The CBP rat never imagined that there would be a drug sniffing dog patrolling the jetway. He had a whole backpack full of gourmet cheese that should have been safely locked in a property room back in the Virgin Islands.

Another deep state rat guarding the cheese

Everything was going smoothly for deep state rat Ivan Van Beverhoudt until he got off his plane in Atlanta. He thought he had everything carefully planned. His Border Protection credentials were sure to make his side-job as a smuggler virtually effortless. Then he met Fido.

According to a news release issued by prosecutors from the US Attorney’s Office in Atlanta, Georgia, 40-year-old Ivan Van Beverhoudt, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer stationed in the Virgin Islands, was in charge of inspecting flights for illegal drugs. He found some. The problem was he took his work home with him. He entered his plea on Monday.

He claims he’s not guilty of smuggling nearly 40 pounds of cocaine, with intent to distribute. Or of possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking. The K9 officer is expected to refute that in court. The back packs he was carrying were stuffed with just under 40 pounds of cocaine.

Customs agent busted by K9 counterpart

Beverhoudt was caught red handed the minute he stepped off a plane for a stopover on his way to Baltimore. A police dog “raised an alert over his carry-on luggage” at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International airport on January 10.

The official affidavit states, Van Beverhoudt was traveling from the U.S. Virgin Islands “in an unofficial capacity.” He was supposed to be off duty but he brought his gun along anyway. “As a CBP officer with a government-issued firearm, Van Beverhoudt was not subject to normal airline screening procedures.” He never expected a single question. After all, the hard parts are getting on the plane and then getting through customs on the other end. What could go wrong stretching your legs on a stopover. Of course, he wasn’t about leave 40 pounds of nose candy in the overhead compartment.

Fellow “CBP officers with a K-9 handler and dog were inspecting exiting passengers on the flight he was on,” prosecutors told the judge. “As Van Beverhoudt walked by, the dog alerted officers to two carry-on bags. He was asked by officers to wait in the jetway until the entire flight was cleared.”


It nearly gave him a heart attack

Van Beverhoudt knew immediately that he was in deep trouble. One officer writes, he was “observed pacing back and forth in the jet way in a nervous manner.” He wasn’t answering any questions either.

By the time Van Beverhoudt got to the interview room, he “told officers he was going to see a doctor for chest pains.” The ones he got when Fido started barking at him. He had to think quick so that’s what he told his interrogators was the purpose for his travel. They note he “could not identify the doctor or explain how he would see him on a weekend without an appointment.”

They brought the dog back and asked him again. The dog said he was sure. “The K-9 handler and dog again alerted officers to Van Beverhoudt’s bag.” Inside “they found 16 bricks weighing 17.9 kilograms (39.4 pounds) in total that field-tested positive for cocaine.” The rat probably has the other 0.1 kilo stashed at home back in the Virgin Islands.

This is clearly abuse of authority. In the news release, U.S. Attorney Byung J. Pak said, “This officer allegedly abused his office to engage in criminal conduct. Federal law enforcement officers take an oath to uphold the law. When an officer violates that oath, he or she will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” The American public is fed up with the rats who are in charge of the cheese. Van Beverhoudt was indicted by a federal grand jury February 4.

  1. I hate dirty cops. On the other hand, I am opposed to ‘anti-drug laws’ since people use mood alterants in “Pursuit of Happiness” as per the Declaration of Independence; and it is nobody’s business what you choose to put in your own body. Period.

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